Cipla Foundation’s social responsibility initiatives garner public sector praise

The biggest contribution that the private sector can make to ensuring better healthcare for all South Africans, is to build sustainable business models within the communities that they set out to help.

This is according to Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla Medpro, speaking at the Cipla Leadership Forum, which was hosted on Monday at the site of two newly deployed Cipla Foundation initiatives in Klipheuwel, namely a Sha’p Left clinic and an Ajuga Early Childhood Development Centre.

Also attending the Forum, was Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, the Western Cape Minister of Health who said: “Providing the best affordable healthcare is central to uplifting any community. When you’re sick, your focus should be able to be on your health, and not worrying about the cost of healthcare. No-one can deny the fact that issues of equity in access to health services must be addressed: the gap between the haves and have nots, the relationship between public and private. No-one can say we can’t address that.”

Please find pasted below my signature, a full media release about what the private sector can do to ensure better healthcare for all South Africans.

We propose an interview with Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla Medpro, who can discuss:

  • The biggest problems experienced in communities in South Africa at the moment;
  • What the private sector can do to solve these problems;
  • Cipla’s approach to turning social responsibility into workable business models;
  • How the Sha’p Left clinic and Ajuga Early Childhood Development Centre will benefit the Klipheuwel community;
  • How the Cipla Foundation is contributing in other ways to making healthcare more accessible for all South Africans.
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