Trading Through Tough Times

Vêr in die ou Kalahari… well, in Kuruman to be exact, a new property agent is turning heads and showing that there is life in the Northern Cape property market if you partner with a keen and creative agent.

“When I started with Just Property Kalahari in Kuruman, I had only been living there for 8 months. I didn’t really know the town and the people yet,” says Surina Klynhout. “I must be honest, the feedback I got was that there is no ‘market’ in Kuruman for selling property. But I did not let the comments get to me.”

She certainly didn’t. After attending Just Property’s introductory training workshop on sales, marketing and the transfer process, plus short training sessions with attorneys and bond originators, Surina’s can-do attitude and care for her clients saw her banking almost R1-million in commission in her first six months’ business from just nine sales.  

Surina attributes her success as a real estate agent to the years she spent in property development. “I was involved on both the residential and commercial portfolios, overseeing all of the rentals, maintenance, collections and inspections of the new building sites. The total portfolio consisted of almost 200 residential and 70 commercial units.”

She says that this experience working with tenants, landlords and contractors was an excellent foundation: “It taught me a lot about the industry, how to work with a wide variety of people and deal with different and sometimes difficult situations.”

Surina adds that listening carefully to the needs of a buyer or seller is very important, as is giving feedback and keeping in contact during and even after a sale. “I suppose that is what makes the difference between me and an average agent in Kuruman. I ask a LOT of questions because it gives me a good indication of how to proceed. For instance, a seller could also become a buyer and asking the right questions can result in another sale. My motto is: give excellent service and ensure you address all the client’s needs so that they never feel the need to contact another agent”, she laughs.

Surina also credits the team she works with: “It is a privilege to be part of the Just Property Kalahari team. Ria Taljaard is my mentor and she’s available to share her knowledge with us 24/7, should we need help, have questions or need guidance. She really leads by example.”

Ria is the director of Just Property Kalahari. She says Surina’s dedication to her clients and service delivery is key to her success. “Through her hard work, commitment and integrity, Surina has been able to establish a trusting, personal relationship with her clients.

“Property analysts paint a negative picture of the market in Kuruman. The reaction by agents in general to a negative market and their lack of service sometimes creates the opportunity for a hard-working, honest agent like Surina who stays focused and positive,” Ria adds.

“The sales market in Kuruman has slowed down and does not show signs of an improvement in the short-term. Rental income is not growing and yields a low return on investment,” Ria notes. “The general economy there is not solely based on mining, like in Kathu, but is balanced by business, industrial, government offices and farming operations. There are quite a few commercial properties in development, including a mall and other shopping centres; Residential development is slower but still continuing.  Hope, based on such opportunities, is enough for a good agent like Surina to work with,” she concludes.

What are Surina’s personal goals? “I want to buy my own house in Kuruman, and a piece of land to develop for rental purposes. I believe in investing in property – maybe that comes through and that’s why my buyers trust my opinion.”

Surina’s top tips

  1. Make time to sit down and listen to what your clients’ needs are, don’t assume or decide for them.
  2. The most common complaint I get from sellers/buyers about other agents is that no feedback is given. Even if you have no inquiries on a seller’s property, make contact, email a stats report from Property24 to show the viewings, or send them a Lightstone report and explain the comparable valuation on their property. Stay in touch!
  3. Make use of the tools and training your agency provides. I know Just Property is ahead of the curve in this regard, but use whatever you have available.
  4. Pre-qualify buyers through bond originators – it makes your work much easier knowing what their budget is. You can use your time and theirs more efficiently by showing them properties they can afford.

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