Mobi service allows motorists to review their driving behaviour

Brian Joss – Vehicle tracking and telematics provider, Ctrack, has launched Driver Mobi in South Africa, following a successful rollout of the service in the United Kingdom.

With Driver Mobi, drivers are able to view their driving behaviour scores from the convenience of their internet-enabled smart phones. The scores are derived from the journeys they have made over the last 30 days.

These scores can then be compared against other drivers in the company or against specific driver groups within a company. This creates a competitive environment that encourages drivers to take greater personal responsibility for their driving, while simultaneously incentivising drivers to better the driving performance of their colleagues.

Using a smart mobile URL, the Ctrack Driver Mobi service records acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and idling events every 100km and provides a score from these out of 100. Drivers are not able to manually edit their scores; they have to drive better in order to achieve better results.

Drivers can view their past trips on maps and can also separate and submit business and private trip information. Business-only trips can also be exported in PDF format for tax purposes.

Furthermore, drivers can complete comprehensive vehicle safety checks and can isolate vehicles by severity of issues. Driver comments can be added if vehicle components reach a critical stage of disrepair or damage. This information can then be submitted to an appropriate manager immediately via email, all from the convenience of the driver’s mobile phone.

The Driver Mobi is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and works best in situations where multiple drivers drive the same vehicle. It greatly assists fleet managers with odometer corrections and can be used to monitor the effectiveness of driver training initiatives.

Thousands of customers in the UK have found that drivers using Driver Mobi engage with telematics far more and as a result, driver behaviour improves, fuel costs reduce, accident rates come down and general company administration duties plummet.

The Driver Mobi can be accessed from any cell phone with an internet connection. It is suitable for use in fleets of any size and works with all makes and models of vehicles.

CAPTION: The Ctrack Driver Mobi: improve your performance.

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