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Someone does not know what impermanence is.

Bettors who have placed a lot of bets on 1xBet sport bet know who Sebastian Abreu is and what he is famous for. Uruguayan has already replaced 33 teams in his career, not once influencing on a sports bet. Why is a football player so restless and because of what he changes careers most often, we find out now.
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  • On July 11, footballer Sebastian Abreu signed a contract with the Uruguayan club Boston River. 
  • This transition would have gone unnoticed if it had not been, 33 on the account of a player’s career. 
  • Sebastian began his professional career in 1996. 
  • Then the 20-year-old striker signed a contract with the Uruguayan club Defensor Sporting. 

As you probably already guessed, for a long time he did not stay there. In the same year, Abreu moved to the Argentinean San Lorenzo, and from there a year later the striker fled to the Spanish Deportivo. So the attacker marked the beginning of some incredible leapfrog with the change of clubs. During his career, he managed to play for teams from 11 countries, including the well-known Brazilian Gremio, the Uruguayan Nacional, the Argentinean River Plate, and the Spanish Real Sociedad. At the same time in any club, Sebastian did not stay longer than two years. Even if the Uruguayan went all right, he still changed the club registration.

42-year-old Uruguayan striker Sebastien Abreu is not as unknown as it may seem. At the peak of his career, he was an important part of his national team. During the World Cup in South Africa, Sebastian became one of the heroes of the famous quarterfinal against Ghana. In the penalty shootout, Uruguayan scored the decisive blow. The forward sent the ball into the net with a pan, and then ran with open arms to celebrate the victory to the happy teammates. In total, Abreu spent 70 matches for the national team and scored 26 goals, becoming one of the best scorers in the history of the national team. At the level of the clubs, Sebastien is also fine with performance. For 272 games, he designed 101 goals.

What is the reason?
It is difficult to say why his regular jumps from one club to another are justified. The footballer himself did not comment on his transitions. However, where there are transfers, there is a benefit for football agents. Perhaps, just in this lies the mystery of such player inconsistency. According to some data, the total income of all Abreu clubs from its sale amounts to 14.4 million euros. However, the football betting odds by the platform and wishes its successful accomplishments, and the bettors are happy with the stakes. Also, for hockey fans, there is a special line, with broadcasts of the most interesting sports worlds: from the Continental League to national fights.

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