Scaffolding Hire Solutions in South Africa

Scaffolding Solutions is the leading company in South Africa offering scaffolding equipment and related accessories for rent.

It was established in 2012. Since its inception, the company has provided high-quality equipment and services to their clients. The representatives of the company meet the clients to understand their access requirements and needs besides establishing a required budget. The company manages any scaffold project from the beginning to its completion which includes delivery services, erecting and dismantling the structures.

Products Offered by The Company:

The company offers a wide range of scaffolding equipment and accessories suitable for the construction industry. The products offered by Scaffolding Solutions include:

1. Kwikstage Standard: These are also known as uprights. This is a vertical tube that shifts the entire weight of the structure of the scaffolding to the ground. To distribute the weight, they lean on a square base plate.

2. Kwikstage Ledgers: This is a flat tube, which joins the standards. It is used to hold together the kwikstage standards longitudinally.

3. Diagonal Brace: It is a structural component that provides lateral stability to prevent the downfall of a roof or wall.

Apart from these products, they also offer Base jacks, Connectors, Base Plates, Hook on Boards, Ladder Brackets, Reinforced Ledgers, Cantilever Brackets, Toe Boards, Hook on Ladders, Staircases, Toe Board Clips, Stair Treads, Trap Doors, Trap Door Transoms, Stair Stringer Right, Stair Stringer Left and Double C-Pressing Bracket.

Services Offered by The Company:

1. Erecting and Dismantling: Scaffolding Solutions supply safety equipment for the project sites to ensure safety. The equipment includes safety boots, safety helmets, reflector vests and double-layered harnesses. The company hires experienced and skilled workers who use the most appropriate method to erect the scaffolding depending on how much accessibility the client requires. For proper erection of the scaffolding, general labourers help the erectors.

2. Labour Services: The company employs local professional crews so that they can respond to the clients’ needs in an emergency. They are committed to the safety of their employees and clients. They boast a labour supply team which comprise of erectors, scaffold inspectors, general labourers and charge hands.

To learn more about the products and services offered by the company, you can visit the website

About the Company:
Scaffolding Solutions was established in 2012, aiming to providing high-quality solutions for scaffolding and construction accessories. The company and its employees are committed to professionalism and integrity, by maintaining the highest professional standards.

8 Moorsom Ave, Epping Industria
Goodwood, Cape Town, 7475, South Africa
Tel: 072 504 3530

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