Professional and Experienced Accounting Services in Table View

Atlantic Accounting and Taxation services based in Table view are registered with the SAIPA as practicing accountants meaning they can perform a variety of services.

Atlantic accounting are not just a tax practitioner in table view they also offer a wide variety of services such as business valuations, Tax clearance certificates and BEEE certifications to name a few.

Atlantic Accounting and Taxation Services offer a wide range of expert and professional advice based on 24 years of experience. Some of them are discussed below.

Preparation of financial statements, every business must produce an annual financial statement at least once a year. In order to comply with provisions in commercial tax laws. Due to technological advances in the business world, it means that financial statements are increasingly available online. So many business owners believe they can create their own statements. However, this greatly increases the risk of an audit. By hiring an external company like Atlantic Accounting & Taxation services a tax practitioner in Table view you are minimizing the risk of an audit and frees you and your staffs time up to fully focus on your core business.

Additionally, a number of tax practitioners in Table View offer advice and advice related to trusts. A trust enables you to transfer the ownership of your assets to the trust. Meaning if you perhaps get into financial trouble your debtors cannot go after your assets. A trust is not a living person and therefore cannot be levied and are not taxable under the Estate Duty Act. By law the financials of a trust remain private and are protected from public inspection which is not the case in a standard deceased estate. A trust can be used to minimise the impact of estate duties upon your death or the death of a loved one. You should select your financial advisor carefully as they aid you in making important decisions with regards to your estate and other matters such as taxation of said estate.

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About Atlantic Accounting & taxation services
Based in Table view Atlantic Accounting & taxation services, are accounting professionals who have been operating in the area for 24 years. They Acquired their current premises on Blaauwberg road in 2012. The are registered as a practicing member of The South African Institute of Professional Accountants and as a Tax practitioner with SARS.

Contact Us:
181 Blaauwberg Road, Table View
Cape Town, 7441
South Africa

Call: +27 (0)21 556 1641

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