LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers (Pty) Ltd

LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers (Pty) Ltd. have always aimed to offer a comprehensive, multidiscipline solution for all engineering and project management needs.

The company caters to all engineering needs, featuring a team of professionals skilled in structural and civil engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering, automation design and electrical engineering. The company has vast experience in plant renewals and upgrades, maintenance projects and materials handling, making them capable of working in a high-risk environment.

Services Offered by LNW:

Serving as a complete multi-disciplinary design, engineering and project management services provider, the company offers the following services:

1. Industrial Engineering Services – The industrial engineering services provided by LNW include infrastructure servicing, equipment bases and general structures, plant and process engineering, plant upgrades and renewals, chimneys, stacks and much more.

2. Project Management Services – LNW offers a comprehensive project management service including – initial identification of projects, investigations, technological and engineering solutions, planning and WBS structuring, construction and safety management, financial management, quality management and several others.

3. Forensic Analysis and Engineering – Under specialised engineering services, the company provides risk analysis and failure investigations, 3D analysis, fatigue analysis, reconstruction and modelling. They also provide inspections and rehabilitation of stacks, chimneys, cooling towers, holding vessels, tanks and other structures.

4. Asset Management – Their project management service, the company also provides efficient asset management services. This involves conducting equipment audits, task observations, safety and fatal risk studies and re-engineering studies. They offer maintenance training, outsourcing as well as management and planning of maintenance.

5. Material Science and Engineering Analysis – In the field of material science and engineering analysis, LNW provides stress analysis, failure analysis, laboratory testing, damage assessments, structural integrity evaluation etc.

6. Infrastructure and Transportation – LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers (Pty) Ltd. offers infrastructure and transportation services for urban and local streets, rural and urban highways, pedestrian bridges, road rehabilitation and township services.

7. Contract Operations – The company executes contract operations for 3 major suppliers of European Technology in South Africa. All the technologies offered by them are related to material handling equipment. These range from port handling and bulk material handling equipment to beverage and food handling equipment. Common equipment they supply includes conveyors, cranes, ship loader etc.

Apart from the services discussed above, the company also offers underground services, CCTV inspections and 3D scanning services. For more information about the services offered by them, please visit their official website: https://www.lnw.co.za/.

About the Company:
LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers have earned a renowned name for themselves as multi-disciplinary consulting engineers. The company specialises in quarries, mines and other industrial engineering sectors. The company provides designing and execution of structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering products.

Tel: 021 001 0256.

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