Bronz releases long-awaited new single!

It’s been more than two years since the release of her last single, but Bronz is back and she is better than ever!               

The artist’s latest single, LOVING YOU COMES EASY, was written for her baby boy who, incidentally, is also the reason she hasn’t released new music recently. “Because I wrote this song for my son, I wanted it to be special and relatable, so it took a little longer than usual to complete,” explains the singer.

According to Bronz, LOVING YOU COMES EASY is meant to spark happiness and make people think of someone special in their lives, whether a child, partner or family member. “I love lyrics that tell a story and that is what I tried to do with this song. Having a baby truly is life-changing, and it inspired me to create something special. I hope one day my son will listen to this song and be proud.”

The song, with its modern country feel, was written by Bronz – with a little help from her producer, Mark Beling. The two have been working together for years and the singer credits him for helping her achieve success. “I can honestly say that my music would not have been what it is without Mark. He is professional, talented, and we speak the same musical language.”

The timing of the single’s release, says Bronz, was inspired by a decision that her music should be like a passion project that never ends. “When I initially went into the studio, I decided to do a song that I loved, even if no one else liked it,” she says. “That said, LOVING YOU COMES EASY is an easy listening song that should appeal to wide audience and I hope listeners will enjoy it.”

Born in Pietermaritzburg and raised in Cape Town, Bronz currently lives in Johannesburg. Her talent was discovered and nurtured from a very young age, and she decided early on that she wanted to share this incredible gift with all. She released her debut single, I Gotta, in 2012. To date, she has independently released six songs.

“It is an expensive exercise, but because music is my passion, I have always worked really hard to be able to release my songs. I am encouraged by the opportunities it presents, by reaching the number one spot on local stations, and by the support of my fans.”

Getting to this stage of her music career hasn’t been easy. “In this industry the biggest challenge, by far, is rejection. Especially when you are younger, it is soul destroying when someone doesn’t like a project you have put your heart and soul into. It took many years for me to gain confidence and be comfortable with the fact that it is okay if not everyone likes you or your music,” says the artist.

“I also battled with finding my style. While other musicians my age just seemed to know and understand their style and the direction they wanted to take, it took me a little longer. However, as I got older, I figured out what spoke to my soul.”

Bronz draws inspiration from a range of genres – from country music to golden oldies, easy listening rock and pop – and quickly lists Freshly Ground, Jimmy Nevis, Jesse Clegg and Rubber Duc as local artists she would be honoured to collaborate with.

This incredible and influential young singer’s aim is to reach as many people through her music as possible. “Music is, after all, the international language,” she says. “While there are many talented musicians in the world, my music is all about the lyrics and telling my personal stories through song. It is a piece of me that I send out into the world.”

LOVING YOU COMES EASY is available on all digital platforms here:





Twitter: @bronz28

Instagram: @bronzs28

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