NSRI issues adverse weather warning

NSRI urges public caution around the coastline this weekend following an SA Weather Service alert forecasting adverse weather around the Western Cape coastline with storm conditions, strong winds, heavy rainfall and rough sea conditions late Saturday and into Sunday.

The New moon Spring tide will compound rough sea conditions brought on by the storm conditions along the Western Cape Coastline.

The New Moon Spring Tide peaks on Saturday, 28th September and the NSRI urges public caution around the coast with the Spring Tide bringing higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides which will prevail into the new week.

Strong rip currents will prevail around the coastline and we urge public at all times to swim at beaches protected by lifeguards and swim between the lifeguards red and yellow flags.

We strongly advise against crossing flooding rivers or swimming in rivers near to a coastal river mouth.

We urge parents to ensure that their children have responsible adult supervision in or around water.

We encourage the public to follow the SA Weather Service forecasts and monitor their alerts and changes in weather forecasts over the next 48 hours.

Boaters, sailboarders and paddlers should wear their life-jackets when on their craft.

Anglers fishing along the shoreline should be cautious at all times and particularly during the Spring Tide. Rock anglers should wear lifejackets.

Caution is advised during this Spring Tide period as the storm will bring strong winds and rough sea conditions as forecast around the Western Cape coastline this weekend.

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