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Suzaan Laing Law Inc. is a law firm based in Cape Town striving to help their clients with difficult legal situations.

The founder Suzaan Laing and the professional team is dedicated to achieving results for their clients. The law firm has attained a reputation for maintaining quality, reliability and excellence.

Practice Areas Covered by Suzaan Laing Law Inc.:


The key practice area of this law firm is trademark law. Trademarks are the unique signs used to distinguish the goods and services of different businesses. Trademarks are registered by a company or person. Usually, the registration period of a trademark lasts for 10 years. After this period, the registrations can be renewed. Suzaan Laing Law Inc. is a firm that can ensure the protection of your unique mark. Also, they will give you advice as to the best possible strategy to file your trademark application in a specific territory.

IP Litigation:

The law firm specialises in litigation that includes infringement of a trademark and copyright, rights of the plant breeder, disputes in licensing, counterfeiting, company name and domain name objections.

Trademark Searches:

Suzaan Laing Law Inc. assists its clients with trademark searches. Skilled trademark attorneys can perform the job properly as they can identify the confusing similarity between two trademarks and understand the substantial risk of taking a new mark. This law firm has the full trademark register available and they offer valuable advice for trademark with utmost time and cost-effectiveness.

IP Due Diligence:

Intellectual property rights are the most important factor when a business acquires another entity. A law firm must perform due diligence investigation on behalf of their clients to make sure that you are buying or selling as the contract specifies. They make sure that you are getting what you have bargained for.


Copyright is the most important intellectual property right that reserves the patent for any invention, trademark or registered design. Copyright protects literary, artistic or musical work, films, computer programs and sound recordings. Suzaan Laing Law Inc. advises on copyrights and files applications for copyrights for their clients.

Apart from this, Suzaan Laing Law Inc. covers some other areas of practice including IP strategy and portfolio management, trademark and copyright assignments and geographical indications. To learn more about the firm, visit their website https://suzaanlainglaw.com/

About Suzaan Laing Law:
Suzaan Laing Law Inc. is a Cape Town-based law firm. The firm was established by Suzaan Laing, a trademark attorney. The law firm reserves the trademark and other related rights of their clients and builds a good relationship with them.

501 La Montagne Estate, 35b Marmion Road
Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)66 027 2453

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