SWD Cricket League results

Although all scheduled matches for Sunday was abandoned due to heavy rainfall in the region two more clubs managed to qualify for the quarter final rounds thanks to victories on Saturday.

The NMU Madibaz (Pool A), Pioneers (Pool D) and George (Pool E) will join Ramblers (Pool B) and Riversdale (Pool F) in the quarter finals that will take place on 19 October 2019.

The highlight of the weekend was a century by Kurt Fourie (125*, from 67balls; 19×4; 6×6) for Ladismith (193/5) in their massive 167 runs victory against Calitzdorp Young Stars (26 all out).

The summarised score cards are:


Thembalethu vs St Georges

ST GEORGES 85 all out (18.5 overs); THEMBALETHU 86/1 (11 overs)

Thembalethu won by 9 wickets

St Georges vs NMU Madibaz George

ST GEORGES 92/3 (20 overs); NMU MADIBAZ GEORGE 93/2 (9.3 overs)

NMU Madibaz George won by 8 wickets

Thembalethu vs Blanco

BLANCO 61 all out (13.6 overs); THEMBALETHU 62/0 (6.1)

Thembalethu won by 10 wickets 


Knysna Cavaliers vs Pirates United

KNYSNA CAVALIERS 109 all out (18.1 overs); PIRATES UNITED 43 all out (15.1 overs)

Knysna Cavaliers won by 66 runs

Pirates United vs Kranshoek Cobras

PIRATES UNITED 151/5 (20 overs); KRANSHOEK COBRAS 50 all out (11.2 overs)

Pirates United won by 101 runs

Knysna Cavaliers vs Pioneers

KNYSNA CAVALIERS 71/9 (20 overs); PIONEERS 73/1 (11 overs)

Pioneers won by 9 wickets


George vs New Dawn Park

NEW DAWN PARK 65/8 (20 overs); GEORGE 67/1 (5.1 overs)

George won by 9 wickets

New Dawn Park vs Pacaltsdorp United

NEW DAWN PARK 97/5 (20 overs); PACALTSDORP UNITED 89 all out (19 overs)

New Dawn Park won by 8 runs

George vs SWD U/19

SWD U/19 89 all out (20 overs); GEORGE 72/2 (14 overs)

George won by 16 runs on D/L method 


Harlequins Forces vs Calitzdorp Young Stars

CALITZDORP YOUNG STARS 69/4 (16 overs); HARLEQUINS FORCES 72/2 (9.2 overs) 

Harlequins Forces won by 8 wickets

Calitzdorp Young Stars vs Ladismith

LADISMITH 193/5 (20 overs)  CALITZDORP YOUNG STARS 26 all out (7.2 overs)

Ladismith won by 167 runs

Ladismith vs Harlequins Forces

HARLEQUINS FORCES 164 all out (19.4 overs)  LADISMITH 118/8 (20 overs)

Harlequins Forces won by 46 runs 


Pioneers vs Kranshoek Cobras

Match abandoned

Kranshoek Cobras vs Knysna Cavaliers

Match abandoned

Pioneers vs Pirates United  

Match abandoned


Pacaltsdorp United vs George

Match abandoned

New Dawn Park vs SWD U/19

Match abandoned

SWD U/19 vs Pacaltsdorp United

Match abandoned         


Ramblers Women vs Knysna Cavaliers Women

KNYSNA CAVALIERS WOMEN 61 all out (19 overs); RAMBLERS WOMEN 64/2 (4.5 overs)

Ramblers Women’s won by 8 wickets

Pioneers Women vs Ramblers Women

PIONEERS WOMEN 18 all out (7 overs); RAMBLERS WOMEN 19/0 (2)

Ramblers Women’s won by 10 wickets

Knysna Cavaliers Women vs Pioneers Women

KNYSNA CAVALIERS WOMEN 208/7 (20 overs); PIONEERS WOMEN 89 all out (20 overs)

Knysna Cavaliers Women won by 119 runs

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