Willie Richards, One Man, One Cause, One amazing Challenge

On Tuesday, 10 September, Willie left Stellenbosch on a solo, back-to-back, 7-day cycling and 13-day running endurance adventure with the aim to cover 1500km in 20 days to raise awareness and funds for African Tails – an animal welfare charity – that will use the funds raised by Willie for mass-sterilisation projects.

Willie started the last leg of his adventure in Franschhoek on Sunday, 29 September, and ended at Delvera Farm in Stellenbosch.

The unassisted seven-day cycle from Stellenbosch to Plettenberg Bay covered 755km and included most the Cape Cross route. To put that in perspective: The Cape Epic is an eight-day challenge over 624km.

Once in Plettenberg Bay, this One Man, One Cause endurance adventurer started his 755km journey back on foot. This 13-day trip back home was almost equivalent to running the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon (56km) every day for 13 days.

Why you might ask? Pet over-population directly results in abuse, neglect and the increase of stray and homeless animals, which in turn leads to an increase in health and safety risks for both humans and animals. The only way to prevent this is pro-active intervention through sterilization of domestic pets and education on humane and basic animal husbandry for their owners.

What makes Willie’s challenges even more unusual is that he does 70% of his preparation at sea, where he works in the oilrig maintenance field. “I do most of my running preparation on a 20,9m diameter helipad or treadmill with a whole lot of stationary bike cycling and lots of burpees,” he says.

The #WheresWillie2019 Campaign already raised R29,500.  Contributing to 59 sterilisations.  Preventing overpopulation, neglect and suffering of 3,953,000 unwanted puppies.

Willie covered exactly 1,500.66km over a period a 20 days.  He cycled an averaged of 107.8km for 7 consecutive days and then ran 13 consecutive Ultra Marathons.

#WheresWillie2019 distance


  • Day 1: 115,07
  • Day 2: 107,39
  • Day 3: 108,07
  • Day 4: 118,93
  • Day 5: 119,48
  • Day 6: 110,73
  • Day 7: 77,43


  • Day 8: 58,48
  • Day 9: 46,09
  • Day 10: 54,28
  • Day 11: 57,11
  • Day 12: 70,90
  • Day 13: 52,60
  • Day 14: 62,02
  • Day 15: 61,04
  • Day 16: 59,05
  • Day 17: 59,04
  • Day 18: 59,25
  • Day 19: 53,25
  • Day 20: 50.46

Overall distance: 1,500.66km

Willie was invited to the XploreX event to share his tale for tails.  (Please see the attached document for more information on XploreX Cape Town 2019.).

Visit www.AfricanTails.co.za for more information or if you want to make a donation.

Why not sign a monthly Dt order to the value of only R50?  This small, affordable contribution will cover the cost of one sterilisation and prevent the birth of 67,000 unwanted puppies over a period of 6 years.

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