SWD Cricket League results

An unbeaten 84* by Levin Muller (pictured above) for NMU secured a 5-wicket victory for the defending champions in the SWDC premier league over Ramblers in the only premier league match that was played the past weekend. 

In their innings, Ramblers posted 170, with Francois Harley (4/28) the best bowler for NMU.  In reaching the winning target after 28 overs NMU secured a valuable bonus point.

The scorecard is: 

Ramblers A vs NMU Madibaz George A

RAMBLERS 170 (43.4) (Francois Swart 22, Francois Harley 4/28, Travis Ackerman 2/23)

NMU MADIBAZ GEORGE 171/5 (28) (Levin Muller 84*, Todd Walker 38, Dean Lewis 3/36)

NMU Madibaz George won by 5 wickets


Seven of the eight quarter-final places for the SWDC Twenty20 competition was confirmed after the series of matches that were completed the past weekend.  Harlequins (Pool G) and Sussex (Pool H) edged out their pool rivals to secure a place in the play-off rounds.  Although Harlequins Forces (83 all out) suffered a surprise 7 wicket defeat against Bongolethu they will still top the pool ahead of Western Hope following a superior net run rate after both teams finished on 15 log points.  In Pool H Sussex (106 all out) defeated Mossel Bay (96/8) by 10 runs in a derby clash to book a place in the quarter-finals.

The winner of Pool C, which will be decided this weekend, will join NMU (pool A), Ramblers (pool B), Pioneers (pool D), George (pool E), Riversdale (pool F), Harlequins (pool G) and Sussex (pool H) in the quarter-finals that will be contested on 18 October.

Two outstanding individual performances by Javier Philander who hit a century (100 from 70 balls; 4×6, 14×4) for Western Hope against Calitzdorp Young Stars and four wickets from four balls by Dorianno Claassen (5/23) – for Calitzdorp in the same match were the highlights of the weekend.

The summarised score cards are:


Western Hope vs Calitzdorp Young Stars

WESTERN HOPE 150/6 (20 overs); CALITZDORP YOUNG STARS 104 (20 overs)

Western Hope won by 46 runs

Harlequins Forces vs Western Hope

HARLEQUINS FORCES 149/7 (20 overs); WESTERN HOPE 83/9 (20 overs)

Harlequins Forces won by 66 runs

Harlequins Forces vs Bongolethu

HARLEQUINS FORCES 83 (17.3 all out); BONGOLETHU 84/3 (14.5 overs)

Bongolethu won by 7 wickets

Calitzdorp Young Stars vs Bongolethu

CALITZDORP YOUNG STARS 119/10 (16 overs); BONGOLETHU 120/4 (16.1 overs)

Bongolethu won by 6 wickets 


Mayflower vs Mossel Bay

MOSSEL BAY 156/5 (20 overs); MAYFLOWER 118/8 (20 overs)

Mossel Bay won by 38 runs

Sussex vs Mossel Bay

SUSSEX 106 (19.2 overs); MOSSEL BAY 96/8 (20 overs)

Sussex won by 10 runs

Mossel Bay vs Hartenbos

HARTENBOS 107/7 (20 overs); MOSSEL BAY 95/5 (17 overs) 

Mossel Bay won by 5 runs on D/Lewis method

Hartenbos vs Sussex

SUSSEX 132/6 (20 overs); HARTENBOS 82/8 (20 overs)

Sussex won by 50 runs

Mayflower vs Hartenbos

MAYFLOWER 123/8 (20 overs); HARTENBOS 124/5 (18.3 overs)

Hartenbos won by 5 wickets

Sussex vs Mayflower

SUSSEX 119/7 (20 overs); MAYFLOWER 67(12.4 overs)

Sussex won by 52 runs                                               


The SWDC promotion and reserve league competitions kicked-off the past weekend.  Pirates United (beat Heidelberg by 9 wickets) and Western Hope (beat Bongolethu by 2 wickets) recorded victories.

After completion of the Women’s T20 preliminary round matches Union Stars, Riversdale, Harlequins, Ramblers and Mossel Bay will advance to the A-division time cricket competition.

The summarised results for the weekend are:


Pirates United vs Heidelberg United

HEIDELBERG UNITED 52 all out (14.5 overs); PIRATES UNITED 53/1 (9.5 overs)

Pirates United won by 9 wickets

Bongolethu vs Western Hope

BONGOLETHU 137 all out (44.2 overs); WESTERN HOPE 140/8 (30.1 overs)

Western Hope won by 2 wickets 


Sussex B vs Mossel Bay B

MOSSEL BAY B 196 all out (46 overs); SUSSEX B 195 all out (48.3 overs)

Mossel Bay B won by 1 run 

George C vs Thembalethu B

GEORGE C 87 all out (26.2 overs); THEMBALETHU B 89/3 (13 overs)

Thembalethu B won by 7 wickets

Pioneers B vs NMU Madibaz George B

NMU MADIBAZ GEORGE B 79/9 (20.4) PIONEERS B 81/3 (16.5)

Pioneers B won by 7 wickets

Knysna Cavaliers B vs Pirates United B

KNYSNA CAVALIERS B 200 all out (40.2 overs); PIRATES UNITED B 75 all out (22.2 overs)  Knysna Cavaliers B won by 125 runs


Riversdale vs NMU Madibaz

RIVERSDALE 221 all out (20 overs); NMU MADIBAZ 16 all out

Riversdale won by 205 runs

Mossel Bay vs Riversdale

MOSSEL BAY 144/4 (20 overs); RIVERSDALE 48/9 (12.5 overs)

Mossel Bay won by 86 runs

Riversdale vs George

RIVERSDALE 243/2 (20 overs); GEORGE 38/8 (10.1 overs)

Riversdale won by 205 runs

Harlequins Forces vs Dysselsdorp

HARLEQUINS FORCES 164/6 (20 overs); DYSSELSDORP 24 (all out)

Harlequins Forces Women won by 140 runs

Union Stars vs Thembalethu


Union Stars Women won by 9 wickets 

Thembalethu vs Harlequins Forces


Harlequins Forces won by 7 wickets

NMU Madibaz vs George

NMU MADIBAZ WOMEN 61 all out (14.5 overs); GEORGE 62/0 (3.5 overs)

George won by 10 wickets

George vs Mossel Bay

MOSSEL BAY 184/3 (20); GEORGE 6 all out (4.5)

Mossel Bay won by 178 runs

Mossel Bay vs NMU Madibaz George

MOSSEL BAY 258/3 (20 overs); NMU MADIBAZ GEORGE WOMEN 20 all out (8.1 overs)

Mossel Bay won by 238 runs

Harlequins Forces vs Union Stars

HARLEQUINS FORCES 117/8 (20 overs); UNION STARS 119/2 (12.4 overs)

Union Stars won by 8 wickets

Dysselsdorp vs Thembalethu

THEMBALETHU 103 all out (11.3 overs); DYSSELSDORP 21 all out (5.4 overs)

Thembalethu won by 82 runs

Union Stars vs Dysselsdorp

DYSSELSDORP 56 all out (16.4 overs); UNION STARS 57/1 (2.5 overs)

Union Stars won by 9 wickets

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