New single, New Horison (Nuwe Horison) for Len

Len Muller, has been succesful in the music industry for 7 years, and needs absolutely no introduction. This versatile and talented musician, has just released his next single, NUWE HORISON. This follows shortly after the release of his EP in June 2019.

NUWE HORISON was written for everyone who struggles with anxiety and depression and even for those who grieve. The song is a calling that expresses hope and a new horizon for all. The song is about the inner struggle about who you are and who you can be. It is about hope and healing.

Therefore, Len decided to launch his new single on Mental Health Awareness Day. “I only learnt about anxiety and depression very late and what effect it would have on my life. I could have avoided a lot of  confusion and sadness, if I learnt about it earlier. That is why I believe that awareness is extremely important. Especially because these “issues” were ignored for a long time,” says Len.

In the beginning, song writing was a source of therapy, a way to express himself and to understand himself. “NUWE HORISON was written in the darkest days of my life, shortly after I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. For the first time I was honest with myself and started talking to people about it. It was the beginning of a healing road – which I am still on today. So many people care and want to help, if you are just willing to open up,” he adds.

The song is a milestone and evidence on how far he has come through grace. He adds: “I hope that people will associate with the lyrics and realise that every cloud has a silver lining, even though it doesn’t always feel that way. In spite of what happens in the news and on social media, the Creator’s plan has been prosperous.”

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