Blaauwberg Group – Wholesalers of Quality Meat and Meat Products

Blaauwberg Group has always aimed to supply the highest quality meat products. Serving as a ‘farm to fork’ provider of meat, they have emerged as an industry leader.

Blaauwberg Group is the trusted meat supplier to over 200 business across various sectors such as hospitality, retail, government and wholesale.

Blaauwberg Group continuously strives to minimise delivery times and costs by running and managing large and efficient distribution channels and simultaneously maintaining a constant supply of various meat products.

Services Offered by Blaauwberg Group:

1. Meat Wholesale – They serves as a one-stop shop for a wide range of wholesale clients including butcheries, wholesalers, bulk exporters and retailers. The company adheres to all the industry standards and requirements for safe and quality meat products supply while holding the necessary accreditations.

2. Meat Specialities – As an established connoisseur of continental meats, they produce an array of meat specialities including traditional smoked products, cold meats and value-added products. All speciality products are produced in a traditional manner with a paramount emphasis on the quality. Some of their meat specialities include hams, salamis, smoked sausages, brawns, bacon, spreads, steak cuts, beef cuts, lamb, chicken products and pork cuts.

3. Cow Slaughter and Abattoir – Groenland Abattoir is a large lamb and beef abattoir. The abattoir sources livestock from nearby farming areas as well as from its own feedlot. Owing to its location, the abattoir enjoys no fuss and streamlined operations. This allows them to offer short lead times, maintain a constant stock at competitive pricing.

4. Karoo Lamb – Blaauwberg Group’s Karoo lamb recognised mutton and lamb abattoir is located in Beaufort West. With a feedlot capacity of up to 12,000 lambs and an extensive distribution network, the abattoir can distribute to key markets such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

5. Commercial Cold Storage – Blaauwberg Group provides commercial cold storage facilities, catering to the needs of the frozen foods industry in the Western Cape area. They boast a storage capacity of 2000 tonnes, providing storage solutions to industries such as poultry, meat, dairy, fruit and fish too. They also provide a blast freezing facility.

6. Others – Apart from the services listed above, they also provide natural Namibian meat. Blaauwberg Group also extends feedlot services.

To learn more about their products and services, please visit their official website:

About the Company:
Blaauwberg group was established in 1979 to serve as a reliable and efficient wholesaler of meat and meat products. Starting from the ground up. Blaauwberg Group has become a leader in the meat industry, consistently offering high-quality meat products.

30 Stella Rd, Montague gardens
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 551 7711

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