SWD Cricket League results

The summarised results of matches in the SWD Promotion- and Reserve leagues that were played during the past weekend are:


Masakhane vs Dysselsdorp

MASAKHANE (106 all out); DYSSELSDORP (61 all out)

Masakhane won by 45 runs 

Albertinia vs Melkhoutfontein

ALBERTINIA (155 all out); MELKHOUTFONTEIN (39 all out)

Albertinia won by 116 runs 

Blanco vs Wilderness Vipers

WILDERNESS VIPERS (69 all out); BLANCO 75/2 (8 overs)

Blanco won by 8 wickets 

New Dawn Park vs St Georges

NEW DAWN PARK (109 all out); ST GEORGES (108 all out)

New Dawn Park won by 1 run

Glen Roses vs Union Stars B

UNION STARS B (179 all out); GLEN ROSES (78 all out)

Union Stars B won by 101 runs 


George B vs Sussex B

SUSSEX B (49 all out); GEORGE B 50/4 (14.1 overs)

George B won by 6 wickets

Hartenbos B vs Mossel Bay C

HARTENBOS B 272/7 (50 overs); MOSSEL BAY C (186 all out)

Hartenbos B won by 86 runs

Thembalethu B vs Knysna Cavaliers B

KNYSNA CAVALIERS B (158 all out); THEMBALETHU B 161/6 (34.3 overs)

Thembalethu B won by 4 wickets

Western Hope B vs Union Stars C

UNION STARS C (270 all out); WESTERN HOPE (53 all out)

Union Stars C won by 217 runs 


Ramblers vs Harlequins Forces

RAMBLERS (98 all out) & (31 all out)

HARLEQUINS FORCES (96 all out) & 36/1 (6 overs)

Harlequins Forces won by 9 wickets

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