SWD Cricket League fixtures

The SWDC league fixtures for the weekend are:

Premier League

George vs Mossel Bay; Union Stars vs Pioneers; Harlequins Forces vs Ramblers

Promotion League

Heidelberg United vs Riversdale; Melkhoutfontein vs Hartenbos; Calitzdorp Young Stars vs Masakhane; Glen Roses vs Dysselsdorp; Mayflower vs Sussex

Reserve League

Bongolethu B vs Harlequins Forces B; Mossel Bay B vs George B; Pirates United B vs George C

Women’s League

Riversdale vs Mossel Bay; Ramblers vs Union Stars 


Premier League

Ramblers vs George; Mossel Bay vs Harlequins Forces

Promotion League

Union Stars B vs Masakhane

Reserve League

Western Hope B vs Harlequins Forces B

Women T20

Knysna Cavaliers vs Thembalethu (10:00); Thembalethu vs Pioneers (14:00)

Venue: Loerie Park in Knysna

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