Chateau Del Rei bubbly in a can – now three times the party

Chateau Del Rei, the stylish sparkling wine in a can, introduces two new bubblies this summer because all good things come in threes.

Now there is something for everyone with the crisp and refreshing new Dry, and delightful Semi-Sweet Rosé strutting their stuff next to the original sweet Chateau Del Rei.

New kid on the block, Chateau Del Rei Sparkling Dry, is an invigorating bubbly. Made in a brut style of predominantly Chenin Blanc grapes, this fresh and fruity sparkler loves the company of sushi, oysters and poached salmon.

Vivacious Chateau Del Rei Sparkling Semi-Sweet Rosé is perfect for summer sipping. This lively blend of Muscat, Chenin Blanc and Pinotage with its seductive rosy complexion hits the spot with picnic-style lunches and light salads.

As the ideal wine-on-the-go for relaxed picnics, outdoor movie nights and open air concerts, Chateau Del Rei has you covered with an instant celebration. Perfect whenever you are in the mood for just a glass or two – you’ll never have opened bottles losing their fizz in the fridge. Lower in alcohol than most other sparkling wines, this convenient bubbly in a can lets you party all summer long. Enjoy these vibrant sparkling wines straight or poured into a glass whatever the occasion calls for. There is no need to overthink wine jargon or struggle to open corks – all you have to do is pop the tab on the can and indulge.

If you are a live-for-the-moment trendsetter, these effervescent bubblies are your perfect fit. Best served chilled, be sure to keep a few cans of your favourite Chateau Del Rei in the fridge for when your friends come over.

Look out for Chateau Del Rei at trendy city hang-outs, or find them at leading stores at around R74.99 for a 6-pack or R13.99 per trendy 250ml can.

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For more information, contact Tel: (+27) 021 886 8842 or send an email to

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