Co-live, co-work, co-play: The rise of the newest megatrend to hit South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA – It’s no secret that technology has altered the way we work, live and play. These shifts, according to Darren de Leur, Managing Executive at HOMii Lifestyle, are forcing developers to look at the Real Estate industry differently.

“Millennials are looking for flexible, safe solutions that allow them to work, live and play in close proximity. Traditional Real Estate solutions don’t cater for that,” de Leur explains.

Seeing the gap in the market, HOMii Lifestyle (Pty) LTD created a simple solution to a growing need – a single building where you live, work and play. Passionate about urban regeneration and armed with the firm belief that South Africa’s inner cities hold a special charm that cannot be duplicated anywhere else, HOMii launched a fully-fledged mixed-use development in Fox Street, Johannesburg last month.  “We are now in the process of completing the building in Dr Pixley Kaseme Street in Durban in time for it’s launch on 7 December,” de Leur reveals.  

So, as the lines between work, live and play fade, what is it that has attracted the 2000+ guests around the country who have already embraced this new way of co-living?

de Leur shares some insights:

  1. Networking: The ability to collaborate with other like-minded, aspirational individuals helps residents to establish frequent contact and long-term relationships that ensure their joint success.
  2. Flexibility: The notion of needing nothing more than your clothes and your food, allows flexibility like never before. That coupled with the ability to lease for a day, a week or longer (with no strings attached!) provides guests with unprecedented flexibility.
  3. Cost effectiveness: Start-up costs are virtually zero thanks to fully-furnished apartments that also boast free WIFI. Also, co-living, gives up-and-coming individuals the ability to live the lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Convenience: Convenience is central to the live, work, play model. Living in a HOMii building in the city means less commuting time and fully-serviced apartments means less cleaning time. Access to work spaces offer the ability to work from home whenever, whilst city living offers access to amenities, restaurants and a buzzing night life.
  5. Safety and security: Regardless of whether you live in the suburbs or the city, safety and security is a concern. Because these work-live-play buildings are driven by technology, safe and secure living is made possible through security access control with facial recognition, 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance.

“The idea of live, work, play is not a new one. Globally, people have been embracing this lifestyle for over two years! At the same time however, South Africans have been quick to adopt the model and it is fast becoming a lifestyle megatrend,” de Leur concludes.

About HOMii

HOMii Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd is a privately-owned company that was born from a passion for urban regeneration. Established in 2017, with the intention of breathing new life into South African inner cities using an innovative, disruptive model, HOMii leverages technology to provide quality, safe living to South Africans in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

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