Get an Affordable Healthcare Plan in South Africa

GetSavvi Health offers affordable medical cover plans in South Africa. The company aims to fulfil the healthcare needs of people across the country.

They offer various affordable health insurance plans, amongst which the popular plans include Get Care Plan, Primary Care Plan, and Primary Care plan+. These products are designed to ensure healthcare opportunities within the reach of everyone.

Major products offered by GetSavvi Health:

Get Care Plan
GetSavvi Health has introduced Get Care Plan that provides hospital benefit. By purchasing the healthcare plan, the members can avoid the burden of high hospital bills. The hospital benefits offered by this plan include

• Emergency casualty- The plan covers treatment for outpatient in hospital in an emergency caused by an accidental injury. The coverage amount for hospital emergency is limited to R6350 for an insured person.

• Emergency stabilisation- The plan also covers treatment for inpatient in hospital in an emergency for stabilisation. For this benefit, the patient can get coverage of up to R18500 per year.

• Personal accident- It offers treatment for inpatient in hospital including associated healthcare services at a private facility for accidental injuries. The coverage amount is R120000 for an insured person.

The premium for this plan is R322 for a family or a single policyholder.

Primary Care Plan
This healthcare plan is designed to offer a range of day-to-day medical benefits at an affordable price. A member and his or her family can access to the day-to-day benefits, which include-

• Unlimited visit to the doctor
• Black and white X-rays
• Basic and emergency dentistry
• Blood tests for HIV and STI
• Maternity benefits
• Medication for certain acute and chronic conditions

The premium for Primary Care Plan is R667 for a family and R422 for a single member.

Primary Care Plan+
This plan is designed as the combination of both Primary Care Plan and Get Care Plan. It covers all day-to-day medical needs as well as the cost of hospitalisation. A member can enjoy unlimited GP visits, blood tests and X-rays, maternity benefit along with emergency hospitalisation coverage. The premium for this pan R877 for a family and R556 for a single member.

Special Services Offered to Members:

HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling
GetSavvi Health offers a customer service hotline number to the members so that they can get access to the necessary support from a specialist medical practitioner. People who have undergone a traumatic event or got exposed to HIV accidentally can get assistance services with this programme.

Funeral Plan
GetSavvi Health offers the funeral plan for its members to take care of the funeral costs. One can get access to single or family coverage for a funeral plan.

Netcare 911 Emergency Services
This emergency service includes assistance from an expert professional during any emergency situation.

About GetSavvi Health:
GetSavvi Health is an established health insurance provider in South Africa. The company offers a wide range of healthcare plans at an affordable price. To know more about GetSavvi Health please visit

Contact Us:
Suite 302, Tygervalley Chambers 5
27 Willie van Schoor Ave,
Tygervalley, Bellville,
South Africa

Call: 0861 18 92 02

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