African Bank sponsors Chairman’s Conversation with President Cyril Ramaphosa

On Thursday 28 November at 20:00, African Bank will proudly be sponsoring Power 98.7 special Chairman’s Conversation.  This year POWER 98.7 Chairman, Mr Given Mkhari, will be in conversation with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“South Africa is at a place that we have not been in in a long time. Our economy is seriously challenged. Public debt is spiralling. People are losing jobs. Families are struggling. There is no better time to speak to President Cyril Ramaphosa, someone who is effectively the custodian of the State. Significantly we are approaching this conversation recognising that he is first a citizen of South Africa, who happens to be the custodian of the State,” Mkhari explains.

Commenting on this exceptional opportunity, African Bank’s head of marketing, Kaibe Mollo, says the partnership speaks directly to African Bank’s payoff line – We are you. “We are a bank that is for South Africans and about South Africans. Our purpose is advancing lives. We are about connecting with consumers and citizens and what better platform than to give all South Africans the opportunity to better understand the environment in which they are living.  Power 98.7 will be exploring the leadership question as we don’t have the luxury of “business as usual”. They are attempting to give citizens an insight about the real issues and answer questions like: ‘Are we still who we expected to be or promised to be’; ‘have we made the right decisions as a people?’;  ‘Are we being impatient or expecting the impossible-that things would change?’

Mollo says the bank’s current brand campaign is about “Everybody is Somebody”. “It focuses on connecting with our customers and this opportunity allows us to not only be associated with something great, but also to find out what’s on the minds of citizens in South Africa.” 

Mollo says as a brand the bank is really trying hard to help people bring about positive change in their lives. He says this extends not only to customers’ financial wellbeing, but also to the broader society.  “To support the sponsorship we are currently running a branch competition to see what topics our customers would like the President to cover. The best topic will get 2 tickets to attend the event. It’s something we have pulled through on 98.7 as well as through our social and WhatsApp channels.”

“At the end of the day if we can learn to reflect more, communicate better and understand more deeply, we will be better equipped to make decisions and to understand why South Africa is as it is today,” concludes Mollo.

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