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Navigating life without following our passions can be like pushing a cart with square wheels uphill says Cindy Glass, Owner and Co-Founder of Step Up Education Centres, “With so many learners getting ready to leave school and make their way in the world, it is essential to consider the role that passion has in guaranteeing success in their lives!”

She poses the following thought-provoking questions; “What are your children passionate about? Do you know? Do THEY know?  Do you support their passions? Is there value in following one’s passion?  What does it mean to have ‘passion’?”

International author and motivation speaker, Dr Wayne Dyer says, “Passion always trumps excuses.” He adds that the passion he is referring to isn’t the romantic-notion kind. Instead, it’s a vigorous kind of enthusiasm that you feel deep within you and that isn’t easy to explain or define. “This kind of passion propels you in a direction that seems motivated by a force beyond your control. It’s the inner excitement of being on the right path, doing what feels good to you, and what you know you were meant to do.”

Following this type of passion equates to having a purpose. “Helping your soon-to-be-adult child discover a purpose-fuelled passion that not only sees them enjoying fulfilment and happiness but achieving success, takes commitment and patience” Cindy explains.

She offers 4 tips for parents looking to help their children find, discover their passion:

  1. Observe behaviours: How well do you know your child? What brings joy and excitement to their lives? What stories do they share with you? Keep your scanners peeled, observe their behaviours and you may discover some interesting things about what your children are passionate about!
  2. Parent from a place of curiosity: Remember that it is our uniqueness as individuals that can change the world. Encourage your children to explore their passions. Ask questions and listen with sincerity, without judgement, keeping an open mind to possibilities!
  3. Passions can change: Remember that our passions can evolve as we grow and develop. Establishing a passion in gymnastics, for example, may not mean that your child will want to become a professional gymnast as an adult. Go with the flow of life as you lovingly support your children in discovering what path they will follow. Be open to change. If your child no longer feels glorious joy in what they are doing, support them as they consider other possibilities.
  4. We are all different: You are almost certainly going to have different passions to those of your children. So many parents make the mistake of wanting their children to do the things that they themselves are passionate about, instead of allowing their children the opportunity of self-discovery! Be careful as this approach will almost certainly breed resentment in your children.

“If you are no closer to a solution and time is of the essence, consider taking your child for an Aptitude assessment. Whatever you do, don’t leave their future up to chance. Help them to live passionately on purpose and with purpose,” concludes Cindy.

About Step Up

Established in 2016, Step Up Education Centres is a dynamic after-school remediation and tutoring franchise with a difference. Step Up offers children an opportunity to succeed in a schooling system that is, at times, very unsympathetic.  From the moment, a child walks through a Step Up Education Centre door they feel different.  They no longer feel silly or stupid. They no longer feel misunderstood. They no longer feel judged. After just one lesson they feel hope. They see possibility. After a few sessions, they walk taller, feel smarter, do better. Why? Because Step Up believes that every child has potential… and our passionate educators will not give up until they reach it!

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