SWD Cricket League fixtures

The last round of matches in the SWD Cricket league competition before the teams will break for the Christmas holidays will be contested this weekend. 

The fixtures are:


Premier League

Mossel Bay vs Ramblers; Knysna Cavaliers vs Union Stars

Promotion League

New Dawn Park vs Kranshoek Cobras; Kwanonqaba vs Ladismith; Dysselsdorp vs Glen Roses

Reserve League

Sussex B vs George B; Mossel Bay B vs Mossel Bay C; George C vs Knysna Cavaliers B; Union Stars C vs Bongolethu B, Pioneers B vs Pirates United B; Ramblers B vs Harlequins Forces B


Premier League

Pioneers vs Harlequins Forces; 

Promotion League

St Georges vs Wilderness Vipers; Kranshoek Cobras vs Blanco 

Reserve League

Western Hope B vs Ramblers B; Pirates United B vs Pioneers B

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