Book Review: Food Stories

Our favourite recipes with love from the twins

Tebo and Lebo Ndala

Human & Rousseau

Review: Brian Joss

Jollof rice is a traditional Nigerian dish, served with chicken, plantains, cassava and yams, among others. A tomato stew with chicken and jollof rice served with a side of dodo (deep-fried plantain) appears to be a favourite with Lebo, one of the twins who learned the secrets of Yoruba cooking when she lived in New Jersey with a Nigerian family.

Now Tebo and Lebo have added a spin to produce their version of South African Jollof. One is Bananaa Puff Puff, much like our own ‘vetkoek’ but much sweeter and it tastes like banana bread. The ingredients include palm oil, nutmeg and aniseed. Served with a dollop of custard, you’re good to go.

The twins have also added a South African twist to oxtail. The Dumpling and Oxtail Pepper Soup is ideal for a winter’s night. The recipe is easy enough to follow and includes numerous spices to give it bite. And you’ll be able to soak up the juice with the dumplings.  Groundnut Chicken will definitely be a crowd favourite at your dinner table, as will Baked Jollof Rice with Chicken. Both dishes will tempt you out of your cooking comfort zone but will be worth the effort.

This colourful cookbook is divided in to 10 chapters: Koko’s Kitchen; Seven Colour Sunday; South African American; Thailand; South African Jollof; Kinda-Sorta Healthy; The Flatbread Stand; Spill The Tea; Candy Buffet and Twins Pop-up.

Koko is the twins’ grandmother and it was in her kitchen that they learned to cook. Some of their favourite dishes feature in this section: Herb Butter Grilled Corn; Tomato Bredie Type and Hot Mango Chakalaka.

The chapter, Seven Colour Sunday, is their take on the traditional dishes they learned to cook at home: Boerewors Potjiekos; Seafood Paella and a Grilled Veggie Platter with Dips.

For those who have a sweet tooth the recipes in the chapter, Candy Buffet, will set your taste buds a-tingling: Chili Chocolate Brownies; Hazelnut-butter Finger Biscuits; the Cronut Freak Shake, definitely not for those who count calories;  and; the Sticky Salted Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes.

The twins also hold regular pop-up restaurants and some of the dishes on the pop-up menu include Chai Spiced Oatmeal; Pomegranate Sangria; Asian Duck with Bulgur Wheat Salad and for the grand finale, Coffee Hot Chocolate.

Other dishes include Rooibos Smoked Salmon and Koeksisters in Rooibos Glaze.

The recipes are easy to follow, although some dishes are a bit more complicated but worth the effort.  

Tebogo and Lebogang Ndala have come up with a winner in Food Stories.

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