From the Classroom to the Boardroom

A new year. A new decade. Teachers, have you considered the possibility of a new YOU?

According to Cindy Glass, Co-Founder and Owner of Step Up Education Centres, “Teaching is one of the most under-rated and under-appreciated professions in our country! Most teachers do not recognise the value of their skills and even less so, the possibility of becoming financially well-off business owners!  Teachers have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for so long that the idea of using their skills to achieve business success may seem quite impossible!”  Why is this? Cindy offers the following reasons:

  • Teachers think that they are incapable of owning a business because, well, they are ‘just’ teachers.
  • They are used to earning poor salaries— it goes with the territory and there seems little they can do about it.
  • Teachers are often afraid (whether they admit this or not) to take risks. Staying in the classroom ensures a guaranteed income, even if it is not what they know they deserve.
  • Teachers have little or no training in business management, marketing and advertising.
  • Teachers often feel that they need to ‘martyr’ their lives. They believe they are being of greater service to others by sacrificing themselves to their work.
  • Many teachers are exhausted and the thought of taking a risk and opening a business is just too much to contemplate.

Dr Wayne Dyer, a respected author and teacher believed in a fair exchange of energy.  In other words, he taught that earning good money for a good service is essential – it creates balance. Cindy believes that teachers can use their skills to become successful in business. “They are particularly good at becoming education-based franchisees,” Cindy remarks and gives the following reasons why she believes that teachers are great entrepreneurs:

  • They have superb people-skills.
  • They are often excellent at planning and organising.
  • They are creative and innovative thinkers.
  • They teach others to believe in themselves.

 “Teachers often underestimate their skills and end up settling for less than they deserve or want. This is a new year and the beginning of a new decade. If you are a teacher and have been dreaming of a future where your skills are used for incredible opportunities, isn’t it time you stepped up and considered the possibility of becoming a business owner or franchisee?” Cindy concludes.

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