Pig’s heart or tasteless powder – which would you choose to fight aging?

Fancy some offal for dinner tonight? How about intestines, brains or, gulp, testicles?

Sounds awful right! But, these once-prized delicacies are incredibly nutritious and are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but are an excellent source of collagen too. Collagen, a vital protein which most of our bodies lack, provides our skin with structure and strengthens our bones.

“You see,” says Catherine Clark, Owner and Founder of the Harvest Table, “We no longer get enough collagen in our diets because we don’t eat enough collagen meats the way our great-great grandparents did. Unlike our ancestors, we don’t eat an animal from head to tail which means that we are missing out on the majority of the collagen that is found in the parts we no longer eat.”

She adds that as you age the collagen in your body decreases and the ‘signs of aging’ start kicking in. “As early as your early 30s, you may already start experiencing weakening muscles, joint pain, wrinkles and perhaps even gastrointestinal problems.  These are not only symptoms of getting older, they can also be key indicators that your body lacks Collagen,” Catherine explains.

So, is there an alternative to bones and brains for dinner? “Absolutely, it’s called collagen powder/granules! Plus, doctors and dermatologists from around the world are recommending these jars of  joy for more than just their age-kicking abilities,” says Catherine.

She offers 5 reasons to start including collagen in your diet today:

  • Youthful, radiant skin:Collagen is like Mother Nature’s Botox so it helps getting rid of those wrinkles and reversing sagging and stretch marks. Oh yes, and stronger skin also means less cellulite – just saying!
  • Fight inflammation:Glycine is an amino acid found in collagen and  has been shown to reduce inflammation. Lowering inflammation reduces symptoms of autoimmune disorders, which is why many people with arthritis, celiac disease, and psoriasis swear by the healing powers of collagen.
  • Healthy hair and nails:Brittle nails? Thinning hair? Collagen contains the necessary amino acids to create keratin which is needed for strong, healthy hair and nails.
  • Heal wounds and fractures faster:Collagen is like the glue holding your skin together and if you have more “glue” in your skin, the hole repairs faster. And, because your skin is stronger, cuts may not be as long or deep.
  • Maintain your Heart Health: Proline, which is found in collagen, can help protect the heart and arterial walls, by preventing fat from accumulating in the bloodstream and by controlling blood pressure.

“It is only when we get older or when our quality of life starts deteriorating that we make our health a priority. Don’t wait for aching joints or sagging skin to start adding collagen to your diet. Plus, you can say good-bye to blocking your nose to swallow a pig’s heart – collagen granules/powder are tasteless and affordable,” Catherine concludes.

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