4 Essential Hairstyles To Nailing A Business Look

We’ve all been through this. It is 7 am on a Monday, you got a business meeting in an hour, and your hair looks like a mess.

You have had a lot of hairstyles that you think have served you well, but this time, it seems different. You bust out the strongest holding hair wax you have, and it doesn’t seem to help. Don’t panic; we got you on this one.

You have been through business meetings before, that is a fact. There’s always something about the next one that makes you want to be ready. An integral part of being prepared is your hair. Does your hair fit you? Does your hairstyle show your authority? We’ll break down different hairstyles which you can rock on your next meeting.

The Clean, Trimmed Look

You could never go wrong with this look. The trimmed hairstyle fits all ages and is perfect for business meetings. Morning meeting with the executives? No problem. Impress your work peers with this simple look. Impressing your work peers has never been this easy with a neat and effortless look. It’s a clean look on the go!

This hairstyle could compliment your best formal shirt at your next meeting. The look is a perfect accent to any business look. Pair with a good set of pants matched with some wingtips for a sophisticated look. You’d look magnificent and in-command with this style at your next business gathering. 

Go Slick With A Side-Parted Look

The side-part haircut has been in-style for a long time. Take a look at the famous men who have rocked this haircut. They all went with the same cut and added a bit of personality to go with it. The great thing about this hairdo is it is versatile. You’d look good in the business meeting as you would in a formal event with this cut.

You do not have to be a famous icon or figure to make it work. This classic look is a go-to for men and has updated the style into a million great ways for looking 100% handsome.

To achieve this look, you’d need the perfect cut, comb, and some product. The product would help in the quality of your hair while rocking the look. The cut would serve as the accents of the hairstyle. No matter what salary-range you’re in, this hairstyle will surely make your sense of style and command get noticed.

The Go-To, The Undercut

The undercut has been popular with the masses for some time now. I have seen a lot of people use this cut and apply their personality with the look. It’s a pretty modern look but you can still pull this off at your next business meeting. Some formal tweaks to the undercut, and it may match your dress shirt in ways you can’t imagine.

This haircut matches not just the shape of your face, but makes it match with your outfit too! To achieve this hairstyle; Use a blow dryer after washing your hair then comb your hair in a straight manner. Comb it backward to add volume. Finish with some hairspray, personalize, then you got yourself an undercut, mister!

The Commanding Crew Cut

The common misconception about the crew cut is its function. Some people believe that the crew cut is made only for men in uniform. The crew cut – when used right – can match with your formal dress shirts and wingtips. It can impose a commanding vibe towards your work peers.

The crew cut is perfect for introducing some accents and definition to the shape of your face. The haircut fits all types of hair. Anyone, whether you have curly or straight hair, can rock the crew cut without a problem. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this commanding look and wear it at your next business meeting!


First impressions mean everything when it comes to business meetings. If you look lousy, your clients or colleagues might not take you seriously. Many hairstyles seem alright for a business setting, but it all boils down to what look you prefer to rock.

You might take into account the impression you’d like to make towards your peers. That may be a good idea, but it’s still a great move if you would lean towards your preference. After all, you’d feel much relaxed with the look that you prefer, and you’d look good when you’re comfortable.

You can easily experiment and play around with these modern and classic hairstyles. You can take some elements of one style and mix it with another. The key will always be how you personalize the look. How can you make the hairstyle work for you? It’s a matter of being true to you and looking sharp at your next business meeting!

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