Alfa Romeo gears up for 110 years of motoring history

Brian Joss – Alfa Romeo will mark a milestone on June 24 when the brand celebrates 110 years distinguished by technological innovations, sporting successes and memorable creations on four wheels.

To celebrate the event, the Alfa Romeo Style Center has created a new logo to feature on the cars and to support all the brand’s initiatives during all the events planned for 2020.

Concentrating all the activities and celebrations of such an important birthday on a single date would be unfeasible, so the brand will surprise its many fans and others with a busy calendar of events. And there’s more.

New publications will tell the untold story of Alfa Romeo, including points of view from outside the automotive world, involving a wide range of fields:

curiosities, anecdotes and more from Italy’s historical and social development. After all, the history of Alfa Romeo is intertwined with the best of Italian genius and encapsulates its character, in addition to the well-known technical and artistic heritage.

To honor the 110th anniversary, the Alfa Romeo Style Center has created a specific logo to summarize the brand’s strengths, that unique ability to bring together technology, driving pleasure and beauty.

Continuing from the centenary celebrations, the number itself forms the logo. The first two “1” figures are presented in a perspective that gives the number an impression of transition from the past to the present, climaxing in the “0”.

One of the most characteristic and recognizable elements of the Alfa Romeo logo can be found within the “0”, the “Biscione”. The establishment date and this year, 1910-2020, will complete the bottom of the circle.

In this way, the numbers together with the iconic form will breathe life into an immediately recognizable, unfussy brand, as is the case for every car branded with the “Alfa Romeo” logo.

There is only one possible location for such a major event: on June 24, the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo will host both clubs and fans. The prestigious space for the Brand’s most significant creations represents a tangible bridge between the eras and generations. Everyone can express and share their passion there by blowing out 110 candles.

Fans will have many opportunities around that date to celebrate the anniversary and to retrace the steps of a glorious history that constantly looks to the future.

Alfa Romeo has always been a linchpin of the major events in the sports and automotive calendar. For example, there are very close links with the Mille Miglia, which strengthen year after year in competition, victories and popular acclaim. Last year, Alfa Romeo achieved a double on the podium, by also winning the Sponsor Team Trophy. It would already be quite something to see gems such as the 1928 6C 1500 SS, the 1929 6C 1750 Zagato and the 1929 6C 1750 SS Young in the most evocative streets and locations in Italy, but the 110th anniversary will also see the “Red Arrow” feature from May 13 to

16 on the Brescia-Rome-Brescia track, with unmissable celebrations taking place in the run-up to the historical re-enactment.

Surprises will also be in store at Goodwood, where, from July 9 to 12, the renowned Festival of Speed will be held, a world-class staple for all fans of four wheels. Alfa Romeo will be the guest of honor and will receive a tribute to its anniversary in the park surrounding Goodwood House and during the legendary Hillclimb.

These and a wide range of other events throughout this packed year of celebrations will play their part in consolidating the legend of the Brand and the enthusiasm of motorists who decide not only to get behind the wheel of a mechanical creation built around driving pleasure, but also to satiate their passion.

CAPTION:  Milestone: the new logo will feature at all events planned for 2020. Picture: Quickpic

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