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Brian Joss – CAPE TOWN, South Africa, 7 February 2020 – The process of buying or selling a car is often a time-consuming and tedious experience. But now there’s a new online vehicle sales platform, Motomatch (, which lets the deals come to you.

“Buying or selling a car should be an enjoyable and hassle-free experience, but often this is not the case as it requires a lot of time and effort, and it can be quite frustrating,” says Dov Stern, director of Motomatch. “We created Motomatch to provide a solution where the offers come to you, making it simple and convenient. 

“Once a customer has decided to buy or sell, they visit the website, upload their vehicle for sale and select the vehicle they are interested in buying,” Stern explains “This ensures that customers are able to receive and compare multiple offers at their desk, and then select the offer that best suits their requirements. This saves time that people can use more effectively for work, leisure or spending time with family and friends.”

For owners selling a car, the experience is as easy and intuitive as it gets – and it’s free,  Stern said. Upload the details of your car along with a selection of images  via the convenient online wizard. Approved dealers submit offers directly to the owner, who can then compare and choose the best deal.

Buyers enjoy the same level of convenience, as they select the vehicles that they are interested in, and the dealers respond with an offer. The customer is notified by Motomatch by  e-mail and SMS as soon as an offer is made by the selling dealer. It’s simply a matter of choosing the best offer and connecting with the dealer to conclude the purchase.

An important and unique feature of the Motomatch platform is that all personal details are completely secure, and the customer’s contact information is only shared with the dealer they choose to connect with. This guarantees complete privacy until the customer decides to accept an offer, thereby allowing customers to find deals at their pace with total anonymity.

“Motomatch also eliminates the huge safety risk and hassle typically associated with selling a car privately in South Africa,” Stern says. “Once a vehicle is uploaded for sale, dealers nationwide are able to submit offers, and the customer selects the best deal – it’s as simple and easy as that.”

Virtual marketplace for dealers: Motomatch is also useful for dealers, as it serves as a virtual marketplace and generates quality leads from interested buyers, as well as access to vehicles listed for sale from within the dealer network.

“We’re in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment that is getting increasingly competitive, and customers are spending more time searching for vehicles online than visiting dealers,” Stern says.

“The sluggish economy and a general reduction in showroom traffic are making it difficult for dealers to attract quality leads and, ultimately, generate sales.

“Motomatch provides a virtual marketplace for dealers to source vehicles for purchase, and to generate quality leads for prospective customers interested in the vehicles they have for sale on the website,” Stern says. “This makes it quite different and far more targeted than the extremely crowded online classifieds.”

The website features an interactive real-time dashboard and chat for dealers and customers, and allows for multiple offers to be made in a single action, whether buying or selling. It also includes a convenient dealer-to-dealer platform, enabling stock to be easily purchased or sold within the trade.

As with the customer portal, the Motomatch experience comprises three easy steps. Dealers are able to log into the service wherever they are via a mobile device or desktop to view leads from prospective buyers or sellers. An offer is then made to the customer and, if accepted, the customer’s details are shared and the deal can be concluded. The service is provided at a flat monthly cost to dealers for an unlimited number of leads.

“We  provide significant benefits for dealers, including access to a national customer and dealer footprint, improved customer engagement and a higher sales conversion rate,” Stern points out.

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*Information provided by Colin Mileman

CAPTION: Motomatch: virtual logo for dealers. Picture: Quickpic

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