Your great grandmother’s secret recipe may just be your much-needed Superfood

Unpacking the benefits of bone broth & how to use it

For centuries our ancestors have dined on bone broth claiming it to be the Number One treatment for a multitude of ailments. Hippocrates (the father of medicine) recommended it to folks with digestion problems and Maimonides (a Egyptian Jewish physician and philosopher) recommended chicken bone broth to treat respiratory tract symptoms.

Catherine Clark, Owner and Founder of The Harvest Table says that for thousands of years people all around the world have been using bone broth to help with all kinds of health conditions, “From the South Americans and the Caribbeaners to the Japanese, Middle Easterners and even us Africans – each culture has said to have unique bone broth recipes that were passed down from generation to generation with the promise of good health.” 

Despite this ancient wisdom, Catherine says that there haven’t been any studies done post-1934 to prove bone broth’s medical claims.  “Although there is no recently published research on bone broth itself, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that drinking it is beneficial to your health.”

She adds that bone broth contains a mountain of vitamins and minerals, “Animal bones are rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium in addition to containing phosphorus, vitamins A & K, amino acids and even essential fatty acids. In addition, it contains gelatine, which boasts many benefits from helping ease joint pain and improving digestion to managing blood sugar and improving sleep quality,” she says.

Not to be confused with stock, bone broth is made by simmering bones (ideally from grass-fed cows) for 24-48 hours, which allows essential nutrients to be drawn from the bone, into the broth. Bone broth made its comeback in 2013 and, although it was originally accused of being a fad, has only increased in fame as the years have gone on, “A fad is known to last not much longer than a season. The reason bone broth has continued to gain popularity over the past 7 years is for one simple reason – it works!”

Catherine offers the scoop on how you can take your bone soup (powder):

  1. Add it to soups or stew: Though a pretty obvious choice, adding a tablespoon or two of bone broth to your soups and stews will not only improve the taste, but will raise the nutritional benefits too!
  2. Make a smoothie: Add one tablespoon of bone broth powder to a mixture of your favourite fruit, yoghurt and ice, and voila you have a health-packed smoothie!
  3. Take it straight: You can’t go wrong here, but be warned it may take some getting used to. Just remember to mix with warm water.
  4. Make a marinade: Skip the MSG-filled condiments and baste your meat with a mixture of fresh herbs and bone broth powder to bring out the flavour!
  5. Mix with your eggs: Fluff up your scrambled eggs whilst ensuring that breakfast is your most wholesome meal of the day.

“Bone broth, really is a stockpot, jam-packed with profound healing effects, but don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself,” Catherine concludes.

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