Liani Reynolds releases first music video!

The release of her debut album, Ligsoom, in 2019 has secured quite a few fans for Liani Reynolds over the past few months. There is a heart-warming sincerity and melodic tone to her voice that demands your attention and stays with you long after the last note has been sung.

MOSSIE, the first single she shared with the public, was very well received and is also one of this versatile artist’s personal favourites. The song, written by the musician herself, boasts an enchanting melody that is pleasing to the ear and captivating lyrics that speak to the soul.

MOSSIE is about someone who is willing to sacrifice their own comfort and lifestyle in order to ensure the survival and happiness of a loved one. It tells a story of sacrifice and unconditional love,” the talented singer shares about the meaning behind this special song. “I grew up with a disabled girl, Mossie. She was my Granny Botha’s youngest child of four. My grandmother devoted forty-nine-years of her life to taking care of her. It was not always an easy task and took a lot of sacrifice. Grandma Botha gave up a normal life for Mossie. When we look at birds in nature, we always notice majestic birds like eagles, but we tend to overlook the efforts of the sparrow (mossie). My grandmother became a sparrow because of her love for Mossie. The song was written a year after Mossie had passed away and three days later my grandmother also died unexpectedly.” 

Now this beautiful contemporary track is also coming to life on-screen, in the form of a gripping new music video that was filmed at Leeukop in the Cape. Nico and Almero Welgemoed were the creative brains behind the lens and they have managed to capture the most breath-taking scenes for this project. “We wanted to show that beauty can be found in simple things like the field or in the little flowers that I put in my hair at the last minute. The skirt I wore also made me think of the skirts that Mossie used to wear,” Liani explains. MOSSIE is a story that is close to my heart and it is the best reminder when I lose sight of what is important. I started creating the ‘book’ of things that matter to me when I was small and was able to witness what love looked like from my spot next to Mossie’s wheelchair.”

Watch the video here: 

MOSSIE is available on her album, Ligsoom, which includes eight of her own original Afrikaans songs, a duet with Joshua na die Reën (Vlieërs), as well as creations by Amanda Strydom (Pelgrimsgebed) and Bittereinder’s Jaco van der Merwe (Gewoond).

Liani, a farm girl from Piet Plessis, has been working in the music industry for three years and was encouraged by Ronel Brink to explore her musical talent after they met at a praise and worship event. This is also how she met Joshua na die Reën with whom she had an immediate connection and with whom she still works today. The singer is also part of the Musiek Soos Grond music project with him and other artists.

MOSSIE‘s music video not only manages to capture the essence of this nostalgic single, but also showcases Liani Reynolds’s exceptional ability to find beauty in simplicity.

Download her album here:



Instagram: @lianireynolds

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