Live Wire: Sometimes even super-mom needs help

It’s a sad fact that there are only a certain amount of hours in any given day – and as super fantastic and amazing parents there is only so much that even we can do in it!

New Moms are particularly vulnerable – navigating unfamiliar territory, and trying to juggle the demands of baby, work, household, and the unexpected challenges which life tends to mete out all on a probable poor night’s sleep.

Our lives today in general are faster and all together more frenetic than in previous decades. The American Institue of Stress (AIS) reports that a whopping 83% of the collective workforce suffer from work-related stress. Women are particularly susceptible to suffer from constant anxiety and tension due to the added responsibility of managing households and children.

The explosion of technology into our daily lives has also been a catalyst for huge changes in everyday routines. The world has shrunk! So we can easily be in touch with our family support base (grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles) via WhatsApp and other digital means, and this communication certainly has its special place. But it doesn’t fill the void of a personal presence that can offer real and concrete help and skills.


Live-Wire will connect you, the part time employment hirer with the perfect part time employment seeker. Live-Wire provides a simple pathway via its website and App platforms for you to find effectively the help that you are seeking – whether it be a short term need or a longer term project. The comprehensive database consists of helpers skilled in many different fields ranging from Babysitting, Tutoring, Driving, Gardening, Nursing, Caregiving, DIY, Cooking, Pet walking, Animal Care, Administrative Assistance to more professional and specialised services. All job seekers are aged over 40 so are therefore experienced and multi skilled. This demographic has the untapped capacity to serve their communities whilst perhaps not seeking to be employed full time. Live-Wire offers the imperative connection between two dynamics that can be of huge benefit to each other! The full range of skills offered appears on the website, and new categories are constantly being added as the list of applicants grows.

So what do you need help with? It is easy to use Live-Wire!

  1. Download the app for FREE on App Store, Google Play or
  2. Register on the website or on the android or iOS App
  3. Post what you are looking for. It can be hourly work or a project
  4. Workers with the skills you require will be able to apply for the position
  5. You may communicate with applicants via Live-Wire chat to ensure that you hire the perfect candidate
  6. You are NOT obliged to hire any of the applicants

Live-Wire offers solutions. The way in which both parties are so satisfactorily fulfilled by being successfully linked up to each other is a hugely positive win-win situation!

In the words of founder Jacqueline Baldwin, “Live-Wire is a modern tool that rekindles the ‘good old days’ where community and support through the ages and stages of life results in a happier life for all!”
Contact or visit for more information.

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