You and your car can get home safe after a big night out

During 2018/2019, SAPS reported almost 83 000 cases of drunk driving – and that’s just the ones who were caught (those of us who opted for the “back roads” escaped).

South Africa has some of the worst road traffic injury stats in the world, with millions of people being killed or injured on our roads every year.  And, while it may be tempting to have one or two drinks when out with friends and then to drive home (because you’re ‘fine’) it has been reported that as of June 2020, the new legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers will be 0%, meaning it will be illegal for motorists to drink ANY alcohol and drive.

So, what is the solution? What do you do if a business meeting turns into an unexpected couple of drinks after work? Do you take a chance and risk having an accident or landing up in jail? Fabrice Ruscoe, the CEO and Co-Founder of RYDD (Request Your Designated Driver) says that you can simply hail their on-demand designated driver via your Smartphone. The App, according to Ruscoe has been designed to provide a responsible, sober driver to chauffeur both its users and their cars home safely, particularly after a big night out.

Most of us however have been drilled since birth to not talk to strangers, let alone get into a car with them! Enter the dawn of the digital age and taxi-hailing apps and now we are not only getting into a car with a stranger, but we are allowing them to drive our cars home!

“The thought is crazy for some, but for many South Africans who have been responsibly using membership-based designated driver companies. RYDD simply offers a more convenient way to hail a designated driver sans the monthly membership fee” Ruscoe explains.

He adds that he understands that some car owners (who may have never used a designated driver service before) may be reluctant to hand over their car keys, “This is completely understandable which is exactly why we will only partner with drivers that are committed to delivering a premium designated driving experience to our clients.”

Ruscoe offers 3 reasons why users can trust RYDD as their Designated Driver to get them and their car home safely:

  1. Stringent quality procedure: We not only hire the best drivers, but we also conduct rigorous training sessions. Criminal background checks, driver’s licence verifications, and driving assessments are also done. We pride ourselves on setting extremely high standards in terms of ethical behaviour and transparency, and this approach is shared by all our drivers.
  2. Live tracking: For additional peace of mind, the App boasts a live tracking feature that allows our users to track their driver in real-time at the touch of a button.
  3. Customer ratings: On completion of each ride, we ask our customers to rate their driver and provide any appropriate feedback, so that we can work with our drivers to ensure we continually deliver a premium designated driving experience to our clients.

Zime Nzama needs no convincing, she simply loves RYDD, “It is far more cost effective than taking a taxi both ways, plus I never have to worry about leaving my car in an unsafe area overnight.” Another frequent RYDDer Kelly Bambus gives the App a big thumbs up, “The RYDD drivers are fantastic, I feel completely at ease when they are behind the wheel.”

Consider this: If you are caught driving under the influence, and are found guilty of drunk driving, you could spend 6 years in jail, pay a fine of up to R120 000 and have your driver’s licence suspended. You’ll also have a criminal record, which will have serious ramifications for the rest of your life.  The worst-case scenario, of course, is that you could kill someone else on the road, your family or yourself. Life is too important to take unnecessary risks, so rather book a RYDD when you’ve had a few drinks, and don’t risk driving home.

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About RYDD

RYDD is the first South African company to launch a world-class application that allows a person to hail a designated driver at the touch of a button. This highly efficient and reliable designated driver app has just launched its service in Johannesburg and is expected to be launched across South Africa soon.

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