GetSavvi Health- Affordable medical cover plans provider in South Africa

GetSavvi Health is one of the leading medical cover plans providers in South Africa.

They noticed the need of the African people when it comes to affordable and quality medical care services and plans which resulted in their establishment. A major portion of the South African population is denied traditional medical help since it is beyond their accessibility and affordability and are forced to depend on state institutions. GetSavvi health understands their plight and therefore offers a wide range of medical aids and services through their healthcare plans.

Affordable medical cover plans offered by GetSavvi Health:

Get Care Plan
This is a hospital plan provided for members to eliminate dealing with high hospital expenses during emergencies. Member avail the following hospital benefits-

• Emergency Casualty Benefit
• Personal Accident Benefit
• Emergency Stabilisation Benefit

Primary Care Plan
This plan provides a wide range of affordable day-to-day benefits while keeping in mind the needs of different people. Members and their family avail the following benefits-

• Acute & Chronic Medication
• Maternity
• X-Rays
• HIV & STI blood tests
• Unlimited doctors’ visitations
• Basic and emergency dentistry
• And more

Primary care +
This plan was introduced based on the understanding that not all people have the same needs. Members avail the following benefits-

• Maternity benefits
• Blood tests
• Acute & chronic medication
• Unlimited GP visitations and consultations
• X-Rays
• Basic & emergency Dentistry
• And more

Other benefits included in their plans-

Netcare 911 Emergency Services
This is an emergency service which is available for member 24 hours every day which can be availed by dialling to the hotline. Trained professionals guide you through your emergency and need telephonically while help is sent by air or road.

Family Funeral Plan
GetSavvi offers family funeral plans to eliminate the sudden burden family members face during such traumatic occasions. The funeral plans include the member’s spouse and kids and covers funerals and accidental deaths.

Health Advisor
This service allows members access to a hotline through which they can talk and consult with professional health advisors about a variety of issues such as-

• Important medical knowledge
• Information about drugs
• Medical assistance in an emergency
• Health guidance
• And more

HIV/Aids, Assault & Trauma Counselling
GetSavvi Health offers to help members who have traumatised, assaulted or have been accidentally exposed to HIV through counselling and/or treatment.

To know about the company and their medical cover plans, visit the website

About the company
GetSavvi Health is a medical insurance provider that caters to the South African people. They ensure that their medical plans are of top quality and benefit people financially. Their website allows easy claiming process as their competent professional unit takes care of it and they also provide information regarding well-known nearest doctors.

Contact Us:
Suite 302, Tygervalley Chambers 5
27 Willie van Schoor Ave,
Tygervalley, Bellville,
South Africa
Call: 0861 18 92 02

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