SWD Schools Cricket League results

The summarised results of league matches in the SWD Schools leagues that were played this weekend are:

U19 Super League

Bridgton RPC vs Glenwood House

Glenwood House (162/6 in 50 overs) (Callie Swanevelder 72; Kirk Nevay 29; Stanley Mei 3/ 29)

Bridgton RPC (164/6 in 46.5 overs) (Breyton Plaatjies 75*; Aiden Bradfield 2/28; Johnny Thorne 2/34)

Bridgton RPC won by 4 wickets

U15 Super League

Oudtshoorn High vs Outeniqua High U15B

Outeniqua High U15B (67 all out in 21 overs) (Gabriel Ladouce 4/15; Wackimo Vaaltyn 3/18; Sachin Wagenaar 2/7)

Outeniqua High (68/3 in 17 overs) (Herman Augustyn 21)

Oudtshoorn High won by 7 wickets

Langenhoven Gymnasium vs Bridgton RPC

Bridgton RPC (75 all out in 20.3 overs) (Ben-Pierre du Plessis 5/9; Josh Karelse 3/3)

Langenhoven Gymnasium (77/2 in 16.4 overs)

Langenhoven Gymnasium won by 8 wickets

Outeniqua High vs Oakdale

Outeniqua High (209/7 in 50 overs) (Tian Ferreira 2/35)

Oakdale (118 all out in 33.4 overs)

Outeniqua High won by 91 runs

U19 Promotion League

Rosemoor Hub vs Outeniqua High U19B

Outeniqua High U19B (125 all out in 32 overs)

Rosemoor Hub (128/8 in 31.6 overs)

Rosemoor Hub won by 2 wickets

PW Botha vs Thembalethu Hub

Thembalethu Hub (163 all out in 40.2 overs)

PW Botha (121 all out in 32.1 overs)

Thembalethu Hub won by 42 runs

U15 Promotion League

Bridgton Secondary vs Rosemoor Hub

Bridgton Secondary (132 all out in 39.3 overs)

Rosemoor Hub (134/7 in 39.4 overs)

Rosemoor Hub won by 3 wickets

Sentraal High vs PW Botha

Sentraal High (135 all out in 41.3 overs)

PW Botha (112 all out in 38.4 overs)

Sentraal High won by 23 runs

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