Bold innovation and commitment to service excellence

With consumer behaviour changing to prioritize fast, simple, and efficient experiences, the on-demand economy is growing at an unparalleled pace.

Companies are now, more than ever, challenged to develop and reinvent their way of business to meet the need for convenient and immediate service. One of the key factors driving the trend is the way that digital technology enables companies to deliver instant gratification. While this new form of technology still proves a learning curve for some, others such as Quench Delivery Ltd Pty, has boldly risen to the occasion, blazing the trail for a new and dynamic access economy in South Africa.

Quench is an on-demand alcohol delivery app and progressive website service that has shaped an innovative and exciting distribution channel, putting brands directly in the hands of the consumer. We offer a new way for consumers to order and experience alcohol delivery in an ever-changing, fast-paced routine. The company focusses on a dualistic business model where consumers, as well as brands, can benefit from their services. Some significant partnerships with brands over the past six months include ABInBev, Pernod Ricard and Distell. These partnerships have not only allowed Quench to give the best-priced offerings to consumers, but has also helped the company to shift its focus to a “data-driven firm” where the aim is to track key elements, trends and rates of consumption to benefit our consumer as well as partnering brand.

Quench operates nationwide in the Western Cape, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban, with new stores opening in Bloemfontein, George, Port Elizabeth and East London. As the youngest on-demand alcohol delivery service, our key to rapid growth is bold innovation and commitment to excellent service. So, what does the roaring 20’s hold for Quench? Some exciting new ventures await Quench in these coming months. The first being the launch of the new Quench app in March. The new app will include many innovative features devoted to giving users an integrated shopping experience with expanded product and service offerings. Along with the new Quench app, the company will also be introducing a new Quench Driver app, designed to empower freelance drivers to do Quench deliveries at competitive rates. Freelance drivers simply download the Quench Driver app, sign up and once approved, receive a notification when an available order comes through. The app allows drivers to earn added income by doing deliveries for multiple companies, creating work opportunities, and developing skills suited for the rising on-demand economy. Another rousing task that Quench has lined up, is expanding its services to South African townships. Local tavern owners can now access the e-commerce platform, expanding their businesses to cater for a wider consumer population.

Quench believes in the case for responsible business practices and its endless benefits both for business and society. By undertaking business ventures that empowers and uplifts, Quench is confident in its ability to rise as one of South Africa’s leading on-demand service companies. By prioritizing the wellbeing of both partnering brands and consumers, Quench creates a holistic service that constantly evolves to accommodate changes in business, society, and the environment. 

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