GO WILD! at the Kirstenbosch Plant Fair

Kirstenbosch, Cape Town: At the 2020 Kirstenbosch Plant Fair, we challenge you to GO WILD! and welcome nature, in all of its untamed diversity, into your garden.

By cultivating compassion for all species, we can create balanced and equitable gardens which support and sustain all living things, opening us up to the value and beauty of the everyday wilderness.

In this time of climate change and mass extinctions, urban wildlife gardens really matter and can make a difference. Restoring balance in our gardens is the first step towards restoring a natural balance on a global scale. Our physical health and mental well-being are intimately connected to our environment. Cohabiting peacefully with wildlife in our home spaces roots us in place and connects us more profoundly to nature and to one another.

The annual Kirstenbosch Plant Fair takes place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April in the Kirstenbosch Stone Cottage Grounds, from 9am to 4pm on Saturday and 9am to 2pm on Sunday.

The Kirstenbosch Branch of the Botanical Society is excited to once again make available to Cape Town gardeners, a massive range of indigenous plants at the annual Kirstenbosch Plant Fair. With 15,000 plants from Kirstenbosch and other indigenous growers in the Cape available at superb prices, with Kirstenbosch horticulturists and other plant gurus on hand to answer your plant and gardening questions in person, can you afford to miss it?

As always there will also be an interesting array of plant- and garden-related products on sale, and delicious food and beverage offerings from a number of food vendors.

Contact: Catherine Gribble
Botanical Society of South Africa
021 671 5468

For information about the Plant Fair, contact Catherine Gribble on 021 6715468, email catherine@botsoc-kirstenbosch.org.za or visit www.botsoc-kirstenbosch.org.za or www.facebook.com/BotSocKirstenboschBranch/.

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