Conray Labuschagne & Andrew Walker to headline the Wealth Summit, 3 City Tour

Success Resources, the leading global provider of educational resources, seminars and workshops is pleased to announce that Conray Labuschagne & Andrew Walker will be headlining the Wealth Summit 3 City Tour on the 14th March – Johannesburg, 21st March – Cape Town & 22nd March – Durban.

The Wealth Summit aims to enable economic growth and expansion through property entrepreneurship and investment. Thus, helping people by teaching them the skills needed to take control of their financial circumstances, under the tagline: “Turn Your Investing Dreams Into A Reality”.

Key speakers at the event include Conray Labuschagne –  A Passive Income Master and one of the most qualified personal trainers, renowned for his ability to teach and assist individuals to escape the rat-race and reclaim their lives by creating multiple streams of passive income.

Conray Labuschagne wondered: “Why do some people seem to make such a success of life with apparent ease, when others have to struggle to keep their heads above water? Do certain individuals have special knowledge or a skill which is exclusive, therefore giving them an unfair advantage over others?” Conray actively sought to find the answers to those questions, leading him to spend years travelling across the globe. The secret he discovered is a unique positive mental attitude and the skill set possessed by some of the most successful individuals.

Andrew Walker – Founder of SA Property Investors Network whose connected, educated and motivated a growing number of over 50,000 stakeholders in the property industry. Since the first property he bought at the age of 21, Andrew has personally invested in more than 50 properties across South Africa and the UK. His portfolio today includes buy-to-lets, multiple occupations, lease options, land, capital flips and residential developments.

Featured Speakers include Tony De Gouveia – Founder and Creator of TUB (The Ultimate Business); Network Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur and Rick Potgieter – Creator of SPAM (Secure Profit Algorithmic Method) a trading technique that requires little human intervention and has positively changed the trading experience for beginner traders forever. 

To register your interest for the Wealth Summit or for more information, please visit:

About The Wealth Summit

The Wealth Summit is a fresh concept that was conceived to address growing global economic issues being faced by the public.

The focus for this event is to help people from all walks of life create their own personal economy through business and investments by encountering the world’s most distinguished leaders, speakers and coaches such as Conray Labuschagne and Andrew Walker.

Our renowned speakers for The Wealth Summit have tested, perfected and profited from the very same methods that you will experience at the event to help you achieve your investing dreams & life goals.

About Success Resources

Established in 1992, Success Resources has grown to become one of the leading global providers of educational resources, seminars, and workshops. We believe that education and learning experiences transcend the boundaries of a classroom, and in the course of 27 years, we have proudly and positively impacted over 10 million lives across 35 countries.

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