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“The right information at the right time is nine-tenths of the battle.” Napoleon

We live in uncertain times and this uncertainly just keeps escalating. Last week we had a fascinating series of events where we interviewed different people in the markets to understand what is happening and what to do about them. We had overwhelming positive feedback and so we have been asked to do a webinar to cover:

  1. Currencies – they are in turmoil around the world. Do you want to buy foreign currency, do you hold or do you take advantage? What is going to happen?
  2. Markets – Markets have been in freefall last week and over 50 countries have dropped interest rates and provided stimulus packages. What does this mean to the global economy and to the stock markets worldwide. Is it time to get out the markets, sit and wait or time to take advantage?
  3. Property – what is happening in property in America, England, Australia and South Africa? What can we learn from past crashes to protect ourselves and how do we use this situation to our advantage?
  4. Crypto – massive volatility has occurred in this space and some have been saying that this will be the societal change needed to create the move to crypto? Where are we in the cycle and what do you do about it?

We will have an interactive session with authorities in these areas and you too will be able to ask whatever you would like?

Come and join the conversation to not only learn and understand, but also get ideas as to what to do next…

Join Scott Picken, Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, Serial Fintech Entrepreneur and International Property Investor, as he interviews:

  1. James Paynter, a currency prediction expert who has had an accuracy of over 80% in his predictions in the last 15 years. How does he do this and where are currencies going?
  2. Ken Williams, an Investment Banker from London with more than 25 years’ experience in the markets. What is a Black Swan, what is happening in markets and what do you do about it?
  3. Alex Impy, a property developer in the UK. What is happening in the UK market and what can investors expect going forward?
  4. Brendon Brown, an investor in America who is managing a portfolio of over $250m USD of American Real Estate. What are the banks, investors, partners and tenants saying to them about the market and where does he see it going?
  5. David Orban, a venture capitalist from New York and Italy who specializes in exponential technology, future trends and crypto. What is happening in this space and where does he see the world going from here?… (and what can we learn from Italy about Corona…)


Chaos can equal opportunity, if you make the right decisions. This webinar has been created to help you do this.


See you online.

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