Tracking solutions can help you recover expensive assets

Brian Joss – South Africa has not had a good start to the year economically. It will be another year of sluggish growth and low employment creation which is likely to exacerbate poverty and various other challenges that the country faces.

For South Africans who are already struggling in the current economy, this can also lead to a rise in crime levels.

Matshego, says the extra expense that this could place on businesses and individuals does not need to be feared. “Rather than accept the loss of assets like laptops and SmartTVs, whether this be at home or in the office, tracking solutions can be used to recover your expensive and valuable assets and avoid the cost of replacement or of insurance claims.

 “Tracking your devices allows you to set a geofence so that if something that shouldn’t be moving, like a TV, is suddenly moving, an alert is sent. Alternatively, if a device that is mobile moves out of a certain geographic area, an alert is also sent. This allows Legratron’s recovery team to jump into action and return your items to you without the unnecessary cost.”

Most South Africans can ill-afford the strain that theft places on their pockets. “Theft in South Africa affects people in many ways. It is this fact that motivated us to think about how we can reduce the impact of this. Now we have a solution that where, if it has value to you, it can be tracked.

 “Our team also understood the importance of not underestimating criminals. That is why we have a secret weapon that goes beyond the usual and is an extra safeguard for recovery. We do not simply place a device onto an item and hope for the best. We ensure the best outcome with our unique technology. We even take it a step further and can often help secure a conviction of the guilty party.”

The technology has been far-reaching in its effect. “The value of this particular tracking and recovery option has had a major effect on many lives and businesses. Whether it was the recovery of irreplaceable data or simply the avoidance of a cost that you could not afford at that point, mobile tracking is giving people options that never existed before,” says Matshego.

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