Books to stop you from getting bored during lockdown

“With books you can travel without having to leave home. Read and stay safe,” said Afrikaans writer and actor Rudie van Rensburg. It may be a cliché but it’s true.

Everyone is spending more time at home during the Covid-19 lockdown which will all in all likelihood be extended.

Your social calendar may be empty, but you can never get too lonely if you have books to keep you company. Given the nationwide lockdown, you won’t be able to fill your bookshelf with paper books, but the good news is that you can still set your mind free with a wide selection of eBooks and Audiobooks from NB Publishers, one of the many publishing companies who are running campaigns to help you to stay sane during these trying times.

There is something for everyone – from non-fiction to children’s books.

A common misconception is that you need a special device to read eBooks, but you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy all your favourite books in digital form. You can download the Amazon Kindle, Kobo, or Snapplify app on any device and South Africans can buy the books from any of the following platforms that will remain operational during the lockdown: (Readers can download the Kindle App on any device, and do not need to purchase a Kindle device to be able to buy and enjoy eBook.);; and (to read the eBook, you need to have a compatible device, register for an Adobe ID and download the eReader from Takealot).

You can also buy audiobooks at and listen to them on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Download the Audible app and start listening.

NB Publishers has a wide selection of eBooks and audiobooks ─ brand new publications and absolute classics ─ that will help the 21 days in lockdown to fly by. We would like Here is a selection some of which have been reviewed in the Gremlin and others will be reviewed later.

Trending English Fiction:

Soweto, Under the Apricot Tree (9780795708381) by Niq Mhlongo

The Ones With Purpose (9780795708442) by Nozizwe Cynthia Jele

Being Shelley (9780795709616) by Qarnita Loxton

The Fetch (9780795707186) by Finuala Dowling

The Lazarus Effect (9780795703850) by HJ Golokai

Killing Sahara (9780795704857) by Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ

Parts Unknown (9780795708800) by Zirk van den Berg

Yellowbone (9780795708862) by Ekow Duker

Thirteen Cents (9780795704932) by K Sello Duiker

Called to Song (9780795708596) by Kharnita Mohamed 

Trending English Non-Fiction:

A Childhood Made Up (9780624089407) by Brent Meersman

Balance of Power (9780795709241) by Qaanitah Hunter

Kefilwe Mabote: Influencer De Luxe (9780798180467) by Kefilwe Mabote

Maverick Africans (9780624089094) by Hermann Giliomee (Review soon)

The ANC Spy Bible (9780624088974) by Moe Shaik

Will South Africa Be Okay? (9780624087748) by Jan-Jan Joubert (Reviewed)

Robert McBride: The Struggle Continues (9780624089155) by Bryan Rostron (Review soon)

For the Love of the Land (9780624089001) by Ivor Price & Kobus Louwrens (Reviewed)

They called me Queer (9780795709180) by Kim Windvogel

Betrayal: The secret lives of apartheid spies (9780624083894) by Jonathan Ancer (Reviewed)

English Poetry:

Synapse (9780798167918) by Antjie Krog

Groundwork (9780795704314) by Rustum Kozain

Melinda Ferguson Books

Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch (9781928420415) by Eva Mazza (Reviewed)

Sex, Lies Declassified (9781928420897) by Eva Mazza (Part two).

A Renegade Called Simphiwe (9781920601102) by Pumla Gqola

Rape (9781920601546) by Pumla Gqola

Reflecting Rogue (9781928420019) by Pumla Gqola

From Whiskey to Water (9781920601782) by Sam Cowen

Crashed (9781920601621) by Melinda Ferguson

Being Chris Hani’s Daughter (9781920601850) by Ferguson Hani (Reviewed)

Hykie Berg          9780796321879

Killing Karoline (9781928420040) by Sara-Jayne King

Things Even González Can’t Fix (9781928420248) by Christy Chilimigras

Brutal Legacy (9781928420187) by Tracy Going

Because I Couldn’t Kill You (9781928420743) by Kelly-Eve Koopman (Reviewed)

The Year of Facing Fire (9781928420637) by Helena Kriel

I Choose to Live (9781928420682) by Letshego Zulu

Leaving Word (9781928420774) by Steven Sidley (Reviewed)

Get me to 21 (9781928420712) by Gabi Lowe

Durban Poison (9781928420835) by Ben Trovato (Reviewed)

Not Child’s Play (9781928420866) by Dave Muller

Winners of the Sanlam Prizes for Youth Literature

The Music Box (9780624087588) by Toby Bennett

Sing Down the Stars (9780624087496) by Nerine Dorman

New Keepers (9780624082033) by Jayne Bauling 

Books for Kids and Teenagers:

Snitch 1 & 2 by Edyth Bulbring

The Choice Between Us (9780624086833) by Edyth Bulbring

The Mark (9780624068822) by Edyth Bulbring

The Reject (9780624086871) by Edyth Bulbring

There should have been five (9780624076575) by Marilyn Honikman

Mr Humperdinck’s Mysterious Manuscript (9780798174497) by Wynand Louw

Hearing Helen (9780798164375) by Carolyn Morton

Elevation 1 – 3 by Helen Brain

Mine (9780798176835) by Sally Partridge

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