Tanja Storm releases new single “Waiting for You”

2020 started with a bang. The calendar was planned ahead promising an exciting and fruitful journey.

Then it happened. South Africa too was hit with COVID-19.  Restrictions were put in place, the public started stockpiling, businesses shut doors, sole proprietors clenched their jaws, while artists and those in entertainment held their breaths as finally, we went into lockdown.

“Step back a few days… I had the privilege of squeezing in the recording time for a few songs. Now, believe me when I say “squeeze” because downright, I was heading for a breakdown.  I was spread so thinly and juggling so many things: giving singing to students, doing online courses, keeping house, trying to stick to a strict gym-schedule, rehearsals, marketing and, most important at that point, working on our tour.  So yes, I had to really squeeze in some time to get to the studio. But that is never hard to do because it is something that I really love.”

Now, mid-lockdown Tanja Storm has something to share.  Her new song, Waiting For You, was added to YouTube so that it is easily accessible and easy to share. 

Ironically, the photo used in the simple lyric video was taken during a photo session for marketing purposes of Tanja’s tour with Gaston, scheduled for March – April but the tour had to be canceled due to the current lockdown.  

“Out of the songs recently recorded I felt that this laid-back, easy listening love song is ideal to be released now, as it can also deliver a deeper message – seeing that many of us are actually waiting this “thing” out; waiting to see our loved ones again”.

Listen to Tanja’s newest single, Waiting for you on Youtube: https://youtu.be/K_XhiSpbofI

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