WESSA Eden May Newsletter and more

Dear lockdowned Friends of the Environment, desperate time demand desperate measures…..

In our case it is the impossibility of holding our AGM.

Instead, we attach a summary of our branch activities in a little more detail than would have been possible during the AGM.

Garth Owen-Smith Obituary

IRDNC Release – GOS Tribute_April 2020

WESSA Eden AGM Committee Report 2019 to 2020


And as age and health issues slowly creep up on us we appeal for energetic, bright young people to come aboard so we can maintain our activities and possibly do more!

In addition to the Newsletter there are also 2 obituaries for Garth Owen-Smith, a well-known personality in the nature conservation world, who recently passed away.

The Garden Route Botanical Garden is –as are many other individuals, firms and entities – experiencing severe cash flow challenges.

More information can be found in the online May Newsletter :


Even the smallest donation will help.

So at least you are not short of reading material for now!

By the time the next Newsletter is circulated I sincerely hope that we will be able to move more freely than at present.

Keep sane and fit …. ( sober by default! )

Regards, Christine
Christine Ridge-Schnaufer
Honorary Secretary
Tel: 044 873 4203 Fax: 086 646 5458
e-mail: wessageorge@isat.co.za

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