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Johannesburg, Gauteng: Papillio is a Software as a Service Business Innovation Toolkit, that offers its users a complete value chain of workforce collaboration and productivity features, aimed at helping companies to continually innovate and improve their business operations.

The software is now being offered for free to businesses globally with the goal of helping them refine their operations to ensure sustainability in a market that has been radically changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I hope that Papillio will inspire entrepreneurial trends for others during this time of flux.” Says Dave Benjamin, Papillio’s founder. “It is incumbent upon us as businesspeople to ensure we stay relevant. Otherwise the impact of the pandemic on our economies will be around far longer than the pandemic itself.”

Papillio, a term roughly based on the French word for butterfly, is all about transformation.

Papillio will help you to create the best version of your business with essential tools that speed up your workflow, and game-changing features that take your change management strategy to the next level.

Some of the Papillio features include:

  • Persona design and journey mapping that will help you understand your customers and the new ways you need to service them. This will give you differentiation to remain relevant in a world that is going to become even more competitive with excessive supply and insufficient demand as a result of the recession.
  • Collaborative ideation features to enable you to crowd source innovation and improvement ideas from employees, suppliers and customers of the business. These can be recorded, fleshed out and analyzed to prioritize your change management initiatives.
  • Agile project management tools that enable you to drive the necessary change in your operations quickly and efficiently across multi-functional teams, even while they’re working remotely. This feature promotes iterative continual improvements as a strategic imperative and allows for multiple project streams to be executed in parallel.
  • Our soon to be added operations design features that will help you extract the operational design characteristics required in your business to enable you to support the customer journeys both in terms of channel design and employee job role definitions.

While these features may exist independently in other software solutions, Papillio is unique in that it brings them together in a single cohesive platform allowing for integrative functionality, making the sum of the parts greater than the whole.

Other benefits like online chats, abilities to manage teams and upload attachments all add to the coherent nature of the tool. Additional features like channel design are currently being developed and expect to be available in May this year.

Papillio is thus a unique cloud-based business offering with collaboration at its core. It is an innovation, ideation, collaboration, and change management tool, all in one. The integration of ideation linked to personas, journeys and soon into channels and job roles makes our tool unique.

Throughout history, humanity has experienced a handful of events that have fundamentally changed the rules of business. Today’s global Coronavirus pandemic may well be such an event. Much has been written about the long-term impact that we can expect the current recession to have on global markets and business trends. The reality is that the pandemic has totally unsettled business and world economies, but business does need to recover. And perhaps we can find a way to view the disruption as an opportunity for rebirth, reinvention and innovation.

For further information please contact:

Dave Benjamin

CEO and Founder


Dave Benjamin has a career in business consulting specializing in User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX) and Market Research spanning 24 years. He built South Africa’s first usability lab in 1997, and founded its first commercial UX consulting firm in 1998. In 2004 he started Interact RDT, currently one of SA’s most prominent CX consulting and research agencies. The launch of Papillio marks a move into the software product space in an attempt to make CX and Change Management best practices more accessible to a broader market.

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