Free online show – Sonstorie, With Petronel Baard!

The talented Petronel Baard, will host a free online show, Sonstorie, on her Facebook page on 2 August 2020 at 19h00. Sonstorie follows after the successful online show earlier in July, Liedjies van die See. These online shows celebrate her 21 years in the music industry.

Sonstorie is a tale of a father and daughter, both incredible word artists and creators, who echoes each other, despite being separated by death. An ode to life, people who care, Afrikaans and words.

Fanie Marais lost his highly gifted daughter at a young age. Her legacy – a treasure chest filled with Afrikaans literature which still inspires today. This is also the core of Cordis Trust, who has given creative artists a platform for so many years. Cordis Trust is also the sponsor of Petronel’s online show.

This Afrikaans heartfelt story, is presented by Ilse Oppelt and sung by Petronel Baard with tone settings and original music from her pen. Sonstorie doesn’t hide from life’s realities, but transforms it into art, poetry and music.

“It is a combination of word art and music which is put together as an echo of Fanie and Mardene’s conversations. Ilse tells the story and it is echoed by me with tone settings, as well as original music from my pen with universal themes like empathy and love – something we all need at a time like this,” says Petronel.

Both artists are highly skilled in their craft and have been friends for years. Fanie and Marden’s story resonates with so many families and with Fanie’s huge heart, he has supported creative artists and given them a platform for many years. He converted the loss of his daughter to help others and it is time to tell his inspirational story. As both artists have come a long way, they have the perfect synergy to tell his story in a very creative way with great compassion. 

Petronel and Cordis Trust will host various virtual online shows in the future. This is the first one with Petronel’s longtime friend and actress, Ilse Oppelt.

The show (Sonstorie met Cordis Trust) will be free of charge and will be hosted on her Facebook page,   on 2 August 2020 at 19h00. Visit for more information. 



Twitter: @PetronelBaard

Instagram: @petronelbaardmusic




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