Reggie Peace, Petronel Baard and Kayczwe Nkosi encourage all South African woman with the new single!

What happens when three diverse artists decide to collaborate on a song to celebrate South African women…? A delightful Afro pop track is released, which is just as beautiful and unique as the colorful ladies that inspired it. 

Reggie Peace, Petronel Baard and KayCzwe Nkosi joined forces to breathe life into a concept that was created by Reggie and producer, DJ Darkness.

AFRICAN QUEEN is a song that encourages the ‘queens of Africa (women of all races in South Africa / Africa)’ to take their places by standing strong and accepting themselves for who they are”, reveals Reggie about this hit that was inspired by gender-based violence during lockdown. 

“It is a great trilingual track, with a good-natured message of reconciliation that we all need,” adds Petronel. “Women must learn to love themselves and, in a country, plagued by gender-based violence, this is a very necessary message. Reggie sings ‘African Queen, love yourself’ and we echo it to confirm the words.”

Even though the song was Reggie’s brainchild, Petronel and KayCzwe wrote their parts of the songs themselves, which makes the final product very unique. “I was immediately interested when Reggie approached me for this project. For myself having grown up around sisters and recently losing my father, it not only gives me a sense of fulfilment that I am able to uplift them and my mother through song, but it also gives me assurance that we as young males can play a massive role in strengthening our women with protection and love and uplift their worth at all time,” says KayCzwe.  “Generally, people love music that makes them happy and makes them dance whilst also feeding the soul and I think this song has all those elements to stir up the nation to dance and unite.”

According to Reggie, he really enjoyed working on the song with Petronel and KayCzwe and he believes that it will resonate with a wide audience. “We are three artists, from different backgrounds and cultures, but music brings us together and together we want to encourage the women of our country and continent.”

Petronel shares that although she and Reggie have never met in person, she is a big fan of his music and that it was a privilege for her to work with him and KayCzwe. KayCzwe is also very excited about the great relationships that were established by this venture. “Working with Reggie and Petronel is seamless we are all hardworking individuals with goals that we would love to achieve, hence it makes the experience great.”

Reggie Peace, a.k.a. Reginald Hufkie, is a popular South African actor, musician, scriptwriter and songwriter from Schauderville in Port Elizabeth. He has been working in the entertainment industry since 2011 and has been part of several successful stage productions, short films, adverts, television shows and music groups.

As solo artist, he is best-known for songs like Frequency, Do It – Peacemaker, Hoekom?, Kos Op Die Tafel (KODT), All That Matters, Better, and Move. Hy is currently working on material for his upcoming album and adding the finishing touches to Onvertelde Verhalew, which will be airing on Trots TV.

Petronel Baard grew up in Villiersdorp and has been singing from a young age. After school she studied Drama at Stellenbosch where she won ATKV’s Crescendo competition and started singing full-time.

This versatile musician has released six albums – and various radio hits like Life is Good and Akkerblare – of which het debut release, Lank Al, was nominated for a SAMA and two Geraas music awards. She is currently working with Cordis Trust full-time to promote Afrikaans art and culture and is working on a new album and project about women.

KayCzwe Nkosi, a.k.a. Khanyisizwe Nkosi, is a Gaunteng musician from Mbombela in Mpumalanga with a degree in accounting from the University of Johannesburg. He was part of a campus band called The Bandwagon who has shared the stage with many South African greats such as The Muffinz, and The Layders and The Fridge at SOUT FEST 2012.

When he is not on stage, he works as a transformation analyst in the oil and gas industry and plans on releasing his first solo music project at the beginning of 2021.

Reggie, Petronel and KayCzwe’s unique voices and musical styles are in perfect harmony and deliver a striking end-result. AFRICAN QUEEN is an uplifting song, with a catchy tune and a message that each South African woman must hear. The single is not only proof of the trio’s talent and versatility but is also something that music lovers will continue talking about long after hearing it for the first time.

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