The best VPNs in South Africa

First and foremost, a VPN is a mechanism for safeguarding security, which in recent years has once again become relevant. First of all, how does it work?

The role of a VPN is to protect your data, allowing you to surf safely over the internet, preventing cyber criminals or large companies from being able to sniff out your online activities.

It also modifies the existing location of your device for a different one, this way it is possible to virtually travel to any country in the world.

Privacy on the internet is something that alarms many, so a VPN ensures that your identity and private information is not revealed when you are browsing. Now if your priority is digital security, it gives you an extra layer of security. It takes care of encrypting your data, which prevents anyone from seeing you send or receive anything.

Even though 52% of the population in South Africa manages to access the web, the problem of geographic restriction continues to be a barrier in the country. So, we will name you the best VPNs to unblock websites or services like Netflix reliably.

Downloading torrents is not authorised and services such as BBC iPlayer or Amazon, are hindered. A VPN is necessary to access blocked websites and avoid all this, gaining more and more popularity.

The best VPNs in South Africa based on:

  • Fast and transparent service.
  • Strong security and no registration.
  • Geographically unlocked content with ease.
  • Servers in South Africa for residents travelling abroad.

EXPRESS VPN: One of the best options in South Africa

Considered a high performance player, as it unlocks the main transmission sites, applications and communication services. Hard to beat in privacy and security. Features: considerably fast connections and servers in a wide range of countries.

NordVPN: A great value option and an excellent alternative for your budget

It allows the use of Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer for movies or series. You can also take advantage of the excellent connection speed, which allows you to use up to 6 devices at the same time. An excellent alternative in terms of privacy and security, making it a robust and complete VPN in South Africa.

Surf Shak: No connection restrictions, allowing you to connect as many devices as you want.

Given the high speeds and blocking capacity, it is perfect for live broadcast of content blocked in different regions, and something for your enjoyment is that it has no connection limit. As such, it safeguards all your devices at once.

Cyberghost: Ideal for beginners

This VPN is easy to use, has great privacy and security, and makes it possible to view US Netflix, as well as BBC iPlayer and most other popular broadcast sites. It is also an excellent alternative for price seekers as it is relatively inexpensive, provides strong encryption and is very simple to set up. 

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