The Rise of the Online Betting Industry in Kenya

Like any other industry, the online betting industry in Kenya has been rising in recent years.

Technological advances have led to the emergence of online betting platforms like Betway that can be accessed on mobile devices. The rise of the online betting industry in Kenya can be attributed to several factors. They include:

Internet Connectivity

In the past, it was challenging for most Kenyans to access the internet. Those who accessed it found it expensive. Today, there are fiber optic cables that have been spread across the country, which have made it easy for Kenyans to access the internet at fair prices. Thus, online betting became popular amongst families and individuals. Most Kenyans can now access the internet through their mobile phones. If you have a smartphone, you can access several online betting websites and apps effortlessly. 

Love for Sports

Many youths in Kenya love sports. Their love for sports has made them indulge in sports betting, contributing to the growth of the online betting industry in Kenya. There are online betting sites like Betway that allow the punters to follow their favorite sports. They not only get entertained but also earn money.

One of the major contributing factors is the success stories of punters winning mega jackpots of hundreds of millions. These stories encourage them to continue betting and hence the rise of the industry.

Payment Alternatives

In the past years, it was not easy for Kenyans to access International betting sites. Lack of ways to deposit and withdraw money was a significant hindrance. Nowadays, they can use VISAs and MasterCard that allows them to withdraw and deposit money. This has made it easier for punters to sign up and play in these casinos.

The most prominent payment option is M-Pesa. This is a mobile money transfer technology that has made the Kenyan gamblers deposit and withdraw money to their preferred online betting sites directly to their M-Pesa account. As long as one has an M-Pesa wallet, they are good to go!

Aggressive Marketing Tactics

This is another contributing factor to the rise in the online betting industry. The industry employs different marketing strategies through social media. As a result, they get more subscribers. For instance, the jackpot winners will be paraded receiving huge

cheques. Since many Kenyan youths are unemployed, they will want to venture into something that will make them rich quickly. They will be enticed to join the betting sites like Betway as fast as possible.

Another marketing strategy is the use of celebrities by the betting companies. Many people tend to trust celebrities that they admire. Anything endorsed by a star will always have a massive following of the celebrity’s fans. Endorsements have always significantly impacted the growth of the online betting industry in Kenya because of the many subscribers that sign up.


In summary, as long as there are many unemployed youths in Kenya, the industry will continue to grow. They will want to join these platforms to earn a living. Also, as the fiber optic cable continues to spread in Kenya’s remote areas, more industry growth is expected.

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