Car smart app not just for cars

Brian Joss – FNB has launched its latest edition of innovative nav» Smart Tools on the FNB App.

These will help customers manage their money better through dynamic budgeting, as well as facilitating access to market and creating a digital marketplace for FNB-banked SMEs in the home services category. In addition, the nav» Car smart solution has been integrated into WesBank, and can also be accessed via the newly-launched WesBank App for all FNB customers.

Through the FNB App, customers can now intuitively manage their money through nav» Smart Budget to access vehicle finance from WesBank, as well as deals and discounts from leading car brands via nav» Car and help them spend less than they earn.

Customers can also use the App to list their homes within minutes privately or through an FNB-banked real estate agent. Furthermore, customers will now get exclusive access to NetcarePlus GP vouchers through the FNB App. nav» Home services, a new Marketplace to support SMEs has also been introduced to enable small businesses to offer home services such as electrical, building, plumbing and alternative energy to over 3 million users of the FNB App. Significantly, individual customers can also select from over 1 500 SMEs that are already part of the marketplace.

Jacques Celliers, FNB CEO says: “As we navigate these challenging times, we continue to re-imagine what is possible by leveraging the scale of our platform to help both individual and business customers. The launch of our latest smart tools, which are deeply embedded in our understanding of customer challenges, is testament to this. More importantly, small businesses that form the backbone of our economy have also taken a lot of strain this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe the digitised marketplace solution will help them boost their income over time and become a key revenue line in their day to day business.”

Ghana Msibi, WesBank Motor CEO, says: “Through the nav» Car smart solution integrated into WesBank, we are already providing real help to half a million car users who have seamlessly loaded their cars onto the FNB App. We have now taken this a step further by looking holistically at the journey of owning and maintaining a vehicle, and identified value adding, contextual and simplified solutions for our customers. As we continue to build our unique ecosystem, our customers can rest assured that we are working hard to continue growing these capabilities over time.”

Customers will officially be able to access the following nav» solutions on the FNB App:

Car – FNB-banked customers can now access a list of unique offers, brands and vehicles, as well as streamlined pre-approved finance from WesBank via nav» Car on the FNB App.

Smart Budget – with over 1 million customers already using nav» Money, Smart Budget adds more value as spending has been automatically sorted for them, from groceries, fuel, entertainment and data etc.

Home Buying and Selling – this solution has paved the way for the bank to successfully connect FNB businesses to FNB customers. Customers can now list to sell their property in minutes, either with an FNB Business Banked Real Estate Agent or Privately.

To date, FNB has already helped thousands of families to the value of R20 billion through access to a home loan via this platform.

Home Services – customers can search for an FNB Banked five-star service provider i.e. plumber, electrician, security or even home catering provider.

Wellness – in just over a year since its launch, more than 100 000 customers have used this smart solution.

CAPTION: Ghana Msibi: WesBank Motor CEO. Pcture: Motorpress

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