A Quick Guide Through Trendy Men’s Bracelets

The face, body, and hands – this is what women look at when they get to know a guy. A nice bracelet resting on your wrist can tell a woman a lot about your style. It can make or break the image of a perfect gentleman, bold thrill-seeker or creative personality (choose what suits you the most) you want to put together. Therefore, you must choose your bracelet carefully.

What bracelets do men wear?

In addition to the larger size, the bracelets for guys look quite concise and solid. They fit tightly around the wrist. The masculinity of jewelry is determined by subjective perception and, to some extent, materials it is made of. This said, there are versatile items, which are suitable for both the fair and sterner sex.

Materials for Bracelets: Everything but Plastic

For a classic men’s bracelet, gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel are the most obvious choices. The more expensive the material, the more solid it looks. There are not many rules regarding the choice of materials but one of them you must consider – you can not mix gold and silver.

Metal bracelets of a conservative design (chains of various weaving), as well as original designs (those enhanced with inserts, engraving, and contrasting materials), are both in fashion, so you won’t lack models that resonate with your personal style.

Men’s stainless steel bracelets remain sought-after for men of all ages. They often carry affordable price tags, which make them the most popular choice among wise shoppers.

Bead bracelets, bracelets woven from threads and ropes, as well as leather wrist cords are more laid-back options. Such items adorn the hands of young people, subculture followers, and people of creative professions. Men’s leather bracelets can be either unpretentiously thin and modest or vice versa, ostentatiously wide, covering the whole wrist.

Rope braided bracelets, when they just appeared, symbolized friendship. Like no others, they can be endowed with a hidden meaning. Particularly significant is a bracelet woven by a person you love.

Besides traditional metal, textile, and leather materials, fashionistas can greatly benefit from contemporary materials. Today, men’s rubber bracelets are all the rage. Black matte rubber blended with metal accents looks elegant and stunning.

Tungsten and ceramics are a relatively new source of men’s bracelets. A hard alloy of tungsten carbide allows a bracelet to maintain its original appearance for many years. You can hardly scratch or bend tungsten jewelry. High-tech ceramics are ultra-durable let alone they are much lighter. They also have an amazing quality – they feel warm and silky to the touch.

Despite the abundance of trendy materials and styles, many men still gravitate to classy chain bracelets. A carefully selected bracelet of this style looks bold and simple – just what a doctor ordered.

Shapes and Styles

Let’s take a quick look at some cool styles of men’s wrist accessories.


Bangles are all the go in 2020, especially those items that completely cover a male’s wrist. There are closed and swivel bracelets. Most often, such pieces are molded of jewelry steel. While remaining inexpensive, they are no inferior in elegance to extravagant models. Their main benefit is that they resemble a watch strap. Therefore, they perfectly complement business attire.

Soft bracelets

This type refers to chain, glider, and braided bracelets. A glider bracelet is a string of beads with a closure. A chain bracelet speaks for itself – it is assembled from a multitude of links. Men opt for chain bracelets because they can easily be matched with a necklace, especially if both items carry the same style of weaving. The most masculine weaving types are Curb, Figaro, Bismarck, etc. – they are strong and durable. When choosing chain bracelets, you must keep in mind their width. An excessively thin product, whose width is about 3 mm, will look like it belongs to a woman’s wardrobe. The optimal width of such bracelets is about 5 mm.

Leather bracelets

Bracelets made of genuine or faux leather are popular among informal youth. Intricate weavings and original designs make the difference. With such an accessory, it’s super easier to emphasize the originality of your style. Plus, there are so many models and designs that everyone from a daring fateful macho and successful businessman to a dreamy romantic, can find an item that makes his heart skip a beat. Various inserts and leather stripes of multi-colors enhance the beauty and magnetism of these bracelets.

Mixed Materials

Models that blend several materials always look more beneficial in comparison to items crafter of a single material. Inserts made of leather or rubber enhance the cold sheen of steel and silver. Various coatings make it possible to create eye-catching contrasts. In any case, harmoniously selected metals and materials are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. They are relevant no matter which fashion style you prefer.

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